How to start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy that has become increasingly popular in Nigeria in recent years. The concept is simple: businesses and individuals (known as affiliates) partner with one another to promote products or services. In exchange for their efforts, affiliates earn a commission for any resulting sales. In this article, we will be discussing how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, Reasons why you need to start this business, the befits, the best affiliate platform in Nigeria

One of the main advantages of affiliate marketing in Nigeria is that it allows businesses to reach new customers without the need for a large marketing budget. Instead, businesses can leverage the networks and audience of their affiliates to promote their products or services. This can be especially beneficial for small or new businesses that may not have the resources to invest in traditional advertising methods.

Another advantage of affiliate marketing in Nigeria is that it allows individuals to earn money by promoting products or services they are passionate about. By becoming an affiliate, individuals can turn their hobby or interest into a source of income.

To get started with affiliate marketing in Nigeria, businesses and individuals need to find the right affiliate program to join. There are many different affiliate programs available, each with their own set of terms and conditions. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of each program to ensure that it is a good fit for your needs.

Once you have joined an affiliate program, the next step is to start promoting the products or services. This can be done through a variety of channels including social media, email, and blogs. It is important to select the channels that will be most effective for reaching your target audience.

Finally, it is essential to track your results and optimize your efforts. This will allow you to see which promotions are working and which are not. It will also help you to identify areas where you can improve your approach.

Overall, affiliate marketing is a powerful strategy that can help businesses and individuals in Nigeria to reach new customers and earn money. With the right approach and the right program, it is possible to achieve great success in this industry.

If you want to start earning in 2022 through affiliate marketing. This article is just for you. This is a free Guide on how to start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria. This also covers what is affiliate marketing, especially for beginners who Don’t know what affiliate marketing is all about.

Affiliate Marketing is a type of Business model where you earn (commissions) anytime you promote other people’s products or services by driving sales to the product. It simply means you only get paid when you sell other people’s products. You have to market this product and get a commission whenever you make sales.

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This is the kind of life Offcamp Affiliate marketing platform Will give you. You commission even when those that register under you make sales. Get more people to register under you and you will never be poor.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

As we already know that affiliate marketing is all about promoting other people’s products for a commission. Then how can a beginner start affiliate marketing in Nigeria? You have probably seen WhatsApp posts or screenshots from some affiliate earners. You might be asking how did these guys make this much. Maybe you have tried affiliate marketing but didn’t succeed in making any sales. This article is for you

First, before you think of starting affiliate marketing as a beginner. The first thing you should consider is the platform and community. You need an affiliate marketing platform that has a good community to learn from for free, that even newbies can earn and start making money.

For example

Offcamp affiliate program is one of the Top Affiliate platforms in Nigeria, with the best community including a mentorship program, Free to Join, With many other futures like earning from your referral/downline.

First, go on offcamp to signup as an affiliate. Wait for a confirmation email. Confirm and then log in.

Pick a product that interests you and start marketing. Start sharing your affiliate link on your Twitter and Facebook pages.

Offcamp sends you payment every Monday. 

2. you can earn on offcamp by just referring affiliates to the platform. when you refer another affiliate to offcamp and they registered using your referral link. when they make sales, you will also earn a commission. Think when you have over 5k affiliates registered under you. This way you will always auto-earning. 

Note Registration on Offcamp is 100% free

Also, you can get a gPac affiliate marketing course on Offcamp to learn more about how you can start affiliate marketing without spending any dime on an advert.

Who are Affiliate Vendors

Vendor somethings is also known as Publisher, Creator or seller. They are the people who own and create the product you are about to market for a commission.
An affiliate marketer promotes one or multiple affiliate digital products and he aims to attract and convince potential customers also known as prospects the value of the Product so that the prospects end up buying the product. Once the prospect buys this product. You as an affiliate get commissions. The commission varies from one product to another.

How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Let’s discuss how you can easily get sales in affiliate marketing. Sales in affiliate marketing come from traffic. Traffic can come in 2 ways.

  1. From paid advert eg Facebook advert
  2. Organic Traffic aka Free Traffic

But in this article, we will only focus on Organic Traffic. Starting with

1. By writing on blogs that accept guest posts.

Most affiliate marketer increases their sales through writing about the product they are marketing on different Blogs. Publishing a blog post about the product can easily give you free organic traffic.

In the Offcamp Blog section, it allows you to post an article as a Guest with your affiliate link.  Try it now

2. Create a Social Media account

Social media is an effective tool to reach a wider audience. First, create your social media account by Joining Facebook, Nairaland, Quora or Twitter.

Use your real face as a Profile picture. Start posting quality content and market your affiliate product in between. Don’t forget to use the trends #tag to get your post to a wider audience.

In Conclusion:

Here are the 2 main ways to get sales in Affiliate marketing

  1. By blogging about the product
  2. By marketing through your social media account.