Money Making Apps in Nigeria

Money Making Apps in Nigeria

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Are you searching for top ten money making apps in Nigeria that pays real money in Nigeria just by using your smartphone as a student.

This article, I will be revealing all this famous app that will turn your smartphone into a money making device. I covers everything you will need to know about legit money making apps in Nigeria that helps you to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria

With the advancement in tech, students can comfortably earn money with their smartphone. There are many apps that pays real money in Nigeria just for doing simple tasks. 

Top Money Making Apps in Nigeria

Here are the top ten money making apps in Nigeria with good attributes to make you thousands of naira weekly.

1. Kiktrend

Want a free app to make real money in Nigeria? 

Kiktrend is the best app for earning real money in Nigeria.

You can earn money directly to your bank account – perfect for students looking for money-making apps that pay real money in Nigeria.

With Kiktrend, you can earn real money by doing simple tasks like visiting websites, following social media users, and interacting with advertisers.

Whether you’re clicking on posts, watching videos, reading news, or completing surveys, Kiktrend offers lots of ways to make money online.

Kiktrend is the top money-making app in Nigeria because it’s really good at verifying your tasks. Join Kiktrend today and start making real money easily.

Make money on kiktrend , start earning daily income

The amount of money you can earn on kiktrend depends on the number of tasks you complete. For example, some tasks can earn you a few naira, while others may pay more than N1000. This task is so simple that it only takes you a few seconds to complete it. Imagine getting paid to like and retweet a post.  If you have a smartphone and you want to make money online. Join kiktrend where you get paid directly to your bank account in Nigeria.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an apps to make money online in nigeria and one of the famous survey apps that have already paid over $300 million world wide. Swagbucks pays you anytime you complete a survey, also pays for watching films and playing online games.   Also you can buy gift cards on the platform. 

3. BuzzBreak

BuzzBreak is an App to make money fast in Nigeria. This app is similar to kiktrend, it pays its users for completing an online task. For example, reading news, watching videos, playing online games, surveys, downloading an app and referrals.

To register on this App, you first download the app from google playstore or app store.  And start attending to all tasks to earn points . This points can be converted to cash and you withdraw through PayPal 

4. Upwork

Upwork is a platform that pays real money directly to your bank account in Nigeria. You earn money on offer as a freelancer.  You can offer services like, article writing, graphic design, web design, translator etc. 

5. Offcamp

Offcamp is another platform that pays real money directly to your bank account in Nigeria.  You make money as an affiliate marketer promoting other people’s products. You earn commission on the product you successfully sell. Commision can range from N10,000 upto N50,000. Visit offcamp today to register. 

6. Toloka

Money Making Apps in Nigeria

Toloka is an app to make money in nigeria. On this platform, you get paid to do basic online activities like watching movies, reviewing websites and verifying company information. The more you work, the more you earn on this platform.  And you can withdraw your earnings through Payoneer..

7. Fiverr

Fiver is another app to make money in nigeria. Fiverr is a freelancer platform like Upwork. Where you offer services like article writing, graphic design. Anyone can register on fiverr, so far you have digital skill to offer. You can make more than $5 on each gig, this is equivalent to N5,000. Businesses will hire you to perform these simple digital services and you get paid. You can withdraw your earnings through Payoneer then to your direct bank account in Nigeria.

8. Chipper Money

Chipper Money is one of the Best money making apps in Nigeria without investment that offers a nice bonus along with the ability to make payments, send money, pay bills, purchase data and airtime. Just by referring another person to use the App, you can earn upto 1000 naira on each successful registration. I have a friend that makes over 20k every week  through the referral program.  If you are looking for an App to make money fast in Nigeria, Chipper Cash is the solution.

9. TopNews

Money Making Apps in Nigeria

Topnews is an apps that pay real money in nigeria. it offers a simple way for users to earn money by  reading news, posting comments and referring Friends. Topnews is a free to register platform. After signing up on the Platform, users can start to make money. With topnews, you can make money reading articles and writing comments on articles.

10. Hawkit

Hawkit is a legit money making apps in Nigeria. You are paid to perform activities like following a twitter page, commenting, liking, testing apps, following pages, sharing posts, and sharing adverts on  your WhatsApp status.

hawkit is a good example of Money Making Apps in Nigeria

Also, you can also sell services and products on this app to Nigerian audiences. This is how you earn on Hawkits: 50 naira for each social media repost, 60 naira for app reviews, 50 naira for joining a WhatsApp group or Telegram channel, 20 naira for each comment, and so on.

Frequent Question Readers Ask On Money Making Apps in Nigeria

How to make money in Nigeria apps?

Complete surveys, play games, watch videos, perform simple tasks online or offline, and freelance for various services like writing and graphic design.

Which earning app is real?

Kiktrend, Swagbucks, Toloka, Fiverr, UPWORK, BUZZBREAK, and Chipper Cash are mentioned as real earning apps.

Which app has real money?

Fiverr, UPWORK, Toloka, and Chipper Cash offer real money for different tasks and services.

Which app gives real money without investment?

BUZZBREAK gives money for reading the news and watching videos without the need for investment.

Can any app make money?

Yes, apps like Kiktrend, Swagbucks, Toloka, Fiverr, and others can make money by performing certain tasks or providing services.

How can I make my own app to make money?

Develop an app that offers valuable services or content and monetizes through advertisements, in-app purchases, subscriptions, or by offering premium features.

Which is best trusted earning app?

Kiktrend, Swagbucks and Fiverr are mentioned as trusted earning apps with a history of paying members.

Which app is best for earning money by playing games?

Kiktrend, Swagbucks is highlighted as an app where you can earn money by playing games, among other tasks.