Money Making Apps In Nigeria : Earn Daily Income

Let’s look at some great apps for making Money that can really help your financial journey

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Searching to make more Money in Nigeria? You’re in the right place! Our article about Money making apps in Nigeria is made to help you find the best ways to increase your earnings.

We know about money problems in Nigeria and are excited to give you real answers made just for you, which will enable you to Earn Money directly to your bank account in Nigeria.

Let’s look at some great apps for making Money that can really help your financial journey. 

In this always-changing tech world, you can make Money at home without much hassle. It’s easy now because of the many apps that can help you do this. 

Think about making your smartphone a money maker by using the internet. That’s all because of its power! If you live in Nigeria, there are lots of apps made to help you get some extra money without having to go out.

You don’t need to worry about finding these apps; we have them all for you.

What Are Money Making Apps In Nigeria?

Money-making apps are mobile programs you can get from different app shops. These apps give a chance to make Money by doing little jobs like posting on social media, filling out surveys, installing apps, and telling others about them. People can sell their things, abilities, or jobs on these websites for Money.

Money from these apps can be given as gift cards, points, crypto-currencies or cash. Users usually get their rewards through sites like Paypal, crypto or wire bank transfers to their local accounts. Keep listening as we go into the details of these apps later. You don’t need to pay to make Money with these apps because they are Money making apps in Nigeria without investment.

Top Money Making Apps In Nigeria

  1. Make Money – Cash Earning App
  2. BuzzBreak – Read, Funny Videos
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Fiverr – Freelance Service
  5. Chipper Cash
  6. Clickworker
  7. Toloka
  8. JUMIA Online Shopping
  9. Foap – Sell Your Photos
  10. Scooper News App
  11. Chingari
  12. Upwork
  13. Vova
  14. Rakuten Ebates
  15. InboxDollars

1. Make Money – Cash Earning App

Make Money – Cash Earning App allows you get paid by answering surveys. Test services and get paid cash with Make Money!

The number one making money app in Nigeria in our list, you can earn Money by Testing apps and earning free cash. Get Money by answering surveys. Test services and get paid cash with Make Money!

How it Works

  • ⇛ Simple Tasks: Do fun stuff like answering surveys and testing services.
  • ⇛ Earn Points: For each task you complete, you rack up points.
  • ⇛ Cash In Trade those points for real Money.


  • ⇛ Age: Gotta be old enough – typically 18+.
  • ⇛ Location: Some tasks might not be available everywhere.
  • ⇛ Device Requirements: Usually needs a decent smartphone and a stable internet connection.

Getting Started

  • ⇛ Download the App: Hit up your app store and download it.
  • ⇛ Sign Up: Create your account. You’ll need an email and sometimes further details.
  • ⇛ Complete Tasks: Choose tasks from the list and start earning.


  • ⇛ A Smartphone: iOS or Android will do.
  • ⇛ Time: You’ll need some spare time to complete the tasks.
  • ⇛ Internet Connection: Without it, you can’t access the tasks.

Payment Methods

  • ⇛ Direct to PayPal: Usually, you can get paid straight through PayPal.
  • ⇛ Gift Cards: Sometimes, you can choose gift cards instead of cash.
  • ⇛ Bank Transfers: Less common, but some might offer direct bank transfers.

Needed for Withdrawal

  • ⇛ Account Verification: Ensure your account details are up to snuff.
  • ⇛ Minimum Earnings: Usually, there’s a minimum threshold before you can cash out.
  • ⇛ Payment Info: Your PayPal or bank details, depending on the payout method.

Remember to stick with it – building up enough to cash out can take time. Stay consistent, and watch your wallet grow! 📱💰

2. BuzzBreak – Read & Watch Funny Videos: Get the Scoop!

BuzzBreak is another money-making app that shares funny and interesting news from the internet

BuzzBreak is another money-making app that shares funny and interesting news from the internet. You can get Points and change them into real money.

How it works

It’s a breeze! Just download the BuzzBreak app on your smartphone, sign up, and dive into a sea of articles, news, and hilarious videos. Rack up points as you enjoy content—those points turn into cash.


Keep it legit! BuzzBreak is all above board, so fake accounts or sketchy behaviour won’t fly. Plus, there might be limits on how many points you can earn daily. Stick to their guidelines to keep your earnings steady.

Start your BuzzBreak journey

Ready, set, go! To get started:

  1. Hit up the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Search for “BuzzBreak.”
  3. Install and launch the app.
  4. Sign up with your deets.
  5. Start engaging and earning!

What you’ll need

Just a smartphone and an internet connection. You’ll be set to start earning. No fancy qualifications are needed—just you and your love for engaging content.

Getting paid

Show me the money! Exchange your earned points for real cash through PayPal. Make sure your PayPal account is in tip-top shape since that’s where your moolah is headed.

Pro tip: Keep an eye on their news updates—there might be new ways to earn or changes in how you can get paid. Stay in the know to stay on top of your game!

3. Kiktrend

Kiktrend app is one of the best money-making apps In Nigeria

Kiktrend app is one of the best money-making apps In Nigeria. This site pays you money for easy jobs. You get money to click on posts, watch videos, read news and do surveys.

How much you can make from Kiktrend depends on how many jobs you do. For instance, some jobs can give you a little as 500 naira money, but others might pay more than 1000 naira.

This job is so easy that it only takes a couple of seconds to finish it. Visualize earning money by liking and sharing a post if you have a smartphone and want to earn cash online. Sign up for Kiktrend, where you get paid straight into your bank account in Nigeria.

4. Swagbucks: Your Ticket to Extra Cash!

Swagbucks is one of the biggest shopping rewards programs on the internet

Swagbucks is one of the biggest shopping rewards programs on the internet. Look for coupons, discount codes, sales and cash return offers at your favourite shops.

How Swagbucks Works

  • It’s like a side hustle but easier.
  • You do everyday online activities: take surveys, shop, and watch videos.
  • These activities earn you points, called SB.


  • Location, Location, Location: Not available everywhere. Check if Nigeria’s on the list.
  • Age Alert: Gotta be at least the magical age of 13.
  • One Account to Rule Them All: One account per person, please.

Getting Started

  • Sign Up: Hop onto the website. All you need is an email and a password.
  • Verify Your Account: Check your email for a verification link.
  • Dive In: Start earning SB points right after signing up!


  • A device connected to the Web: smartphone, tablet, laptop – you name it!
  • A bit of your time: more time, more SB points.

Payment Methods

  • Cash-Out Options Galore: PayPal cash, gift cards (Amazon, and more), or even say hello to some crypto.
  • Minimum Threshold: Collect enough SB points before you can redeem them.
  • Verification Steps: You may need to verify your identity to cash out, keeping things

5. Fiverr – Freelance Service

Fiverr is a freelancer platform that allows you to earn money from your digital skills

Fiverr is a freelancer platform that allows you to earn money from your digital skills. Fiverr’s website helps freelancers (people who sell services) meet with others or businesses needing help (those who buy).

How it Works

  • Simple and Straightforward: On Fiverr, you sell your skills through “gigs,” which are essentially service packages you create to advertise to buyers.
  • Be Your Boss: Set up a gig, lay down your terms, and you’re ready to roll. Buyers scroll, like what they see, and drop you a line.
  • No Haggling Hassle: You get your price upfront; no behind-the-scenes bartering is needed.


  • Get Set Up: Sign up and flesh out your profile. The more complete it is, the more trust you build with potential buyers.
  • Gig Ready: Pop open a new gig, decide on what services you’re offering, how much you’ll charge, and what extras you might toss in.
  • Show Off: Add a snappy description, some slick pics, or a video to show clients what you’ve got.

Getting Paid

  • 80% Cool Rule: When you complete a gig, Fiverr sends 80% of the pay to your account. For example, bag a $10 gig, and you pocket $8.
  • Withdraw With Ease: Link your bank account or PayPal, and hit withdraw. It’s your cash – get it when you need it.

In a nutshell: Fiverr’s your launchpad into freelancing – list your services, do great work, and watch the earnings flow into your account. Easy-peasy! 🚀💸

6. Chipper Cash

Looking to make some extra cash right from your mobile phone in Nigeria

Looking to make some extra cash right from your mobile phone in Nigeria? Look no further—Chipper Cash is the app you’ve been searching for. Wave goodbye to the frustration of stagnant blog traffic and hello to easy, reliable earnings with one of Nigeria’s favourite money-making apps!

Why Chipper Cash? 

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Send and Receive Money Instantly: Chipper Cash offers a lightning-fast way to handle your cash across Africa. Need to sort bills with a buddy or send funds to family? It’s as simple as a few taps on your phone.
  • Referral Bonuses: Sharing is caring, and in this case, sharing is earning! Get your friends on board, and Chipper Cash will thank you with some sweet referral cash.
  • Cross-Border Transactions: Not just within Nigeria, but also across other African countries. It’s a borderless financial experience!

But that’s not all! 😎 Chipper Cash is more than just a payment service; it’s a side hustle enhancer:

  • Buy Airtime and Earn Discounts: Grab your airtime through the app and enjoy a handy 2% discount. Every little saving counts!
  • Naira/USD Cards: Access your funds more easily with these card options.

Rev Up Your Revenue with Chipper Cash! Jump into the world of Chipper Cash and explore how you make more than N100,000 simply by getting your pals to join the fun. With such features and convenience, it’s no wonder the app is a smash hit for money-makers in Nigeria.

Getting Started

  1. Download the Chipper Cash App.
  2. Set up your account in minutes.
  3. Start transacting and referring friends to earn!

Keep it locked here for more tips on blazing through monetary goals with apps that put your earnings on turbo! And remember, always stay in line with Chipper Cash’s terms of use for a smooth money-making journey. 🚀

Ready to get chipper with your cash? Download the app and start your earnings engine today! 💰📲

7. TopNews: Get Paid for Your Opinion!

TopNews makes it super simple to earn extra cash in Nigeria. Just read articles, share your thoughts, and bring friends along. It’s totally free to join. Sign up and start earning with every comment and referral.

With topnews, you can earn as much as 1k/daily, and that is why it’s among the top money apps in Nigeria. 

8. Hawkit: Your Daily Cash Machine!

With Hawkit, every like, share, or follow makes you money. It’s the real deal for making money in Nigeria by doing everyday online stuff. You can even sell stuff right on the app. 

Here’s the scoop on what you’ll earn: 50 naira for sharing on social media, 60 naira for app reviews, 50 naira for group joins, and 20 naira per comment. Easy money!

9. Toloka

Toloka is an app to make money in nigeria. On this platform, you get paid to do basic online activities like watching movies, reviewing websites and verifying company information. The more you work, the more you earn on this platform.  And you can withdraw your earnings through Payoneer..