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Order Status

Order Status

Completed Status

An order is deemed “Completed” when payment has been received, and all the necessary steps in the fulfillment process have been successfully carried out.

Processing Status

The Processing status signifies the successful receipt of payment, initiating the process of reducing stock. However, even though this step has been completed, there are still some remaining tasks to fulfill the order. An interesting exception arises when an order comprises solely of Virtual and Downloadable products; in such cases, the Processing status is bypassed altogether.

On-hold Status

The “On Hold” status is assigned to orders that are currently awaiting additional confirmation for payment to be received, while the inventory stock has already been reduced.

Pending Status

“Pending” denotes an action or request awaiting processing or completion. It still needs to be actively worked on but is scheduled or queued to be addressed shortly.

Canceled Status

You have the option to cancel an order, or alternatively, allow your customers to do so. When an order is canceled, the inventory stock will be reverted to its original quantity before the order was placed, effectively restoring it to the pre-order state.

Refunded Status

The “Refunded” status signifies that the order has been successfully refunded, and there is no need for any further fulfillment steps. The refund process is complete, and the transaction has been finalized.

Failed Status

The “Failed” order status is applicable when payment has been attempted but is unsuccessful due to reasons such as the payment being declined or requiring further authentication.

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Updated on July 25, 2023