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How Offcamp Levels Works

Offcamp assigns levels based on your affiliate performance. Your level is determined by the number of referrals and sales you generate. Advancing to Level 2 on Offcamp opens up additional earning opportunities.

Level 1


How Offcamp Levels Works

This is the starting point for all affiliates upon creating an account on Offcamp. By default, you are ranked at Level 1.

To progress to the next level, you need to make at least 20 sales in other to move over to the next level.

Benefits for Level 1 affiliates

As a Level 1 affiliate, you earn commissions that are directly deposited into your bank account every Friday. However, you won’t earn commissions from your sub-affiliates’ sales. Only Level 2 affiliates have that privilege. Here’s how you can move to Level 2:

Level 2


How Offcamp Levels Works

To achieve Level 2 status, you need to fulfill the following straightforward challenges:

Be an active participant in our Telegram community. Join now.

Complete a minimum of 20 sales on Offcamp using your affiliate link (accomplishing this tasks will automatically promote you to Level 2).

Benefits for Level 2 affiliates

In addition to enjoying all the benefits of Level 1, Level 2 affiliates have the following advantages:

You will begin earning whenever your sub affiliate generates any sale(s).

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Updated on July 18, 2023