How I make over 200k weekly with Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

How I make over 300k in affiliate marketing

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This article is on how I was able to implement, Affiliate Marketing course (ABC) and which help me to earn over 100k weekly in Nigeria within space of 2 months as an affiliate marketer on Offcamp platform. You are reading this article because you want to learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing here in Nigeria with just a smartphone, right? I’m Angela and thanks to my Mentor Stanislaus Okeke (Stanimart).

Making money online doesn’t come easy. With consistency and focus you can easily break all boundaries.  Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways to make money online in Nigeria.  And is not a get rich quick scheme. But a business model that you only make money when you sale something.  

So, I want you to make up your mind now.  As a Newbie, if you focus for the next 2 months and you don’t give up.   I promise you, once you apply everything I will show you in this article, including the once you will learn from the ABC course by Stanimart, you will most likely make your first sale as an affiliate marketer in 2 weeks.  

This article will be a lengthy article, so, always come to revisit and read again. Get pen and paper, because I will be showing you all the secrets I used to make over 100k in sales weekly as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

Let’s start with do and don’t in affiliate Marketing

  1. Affiliate Marketing is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme, to make money in affiliate marketing you most sale something, from what you sale, you will be paid a commission. So, as an affiliate marketing you go for the trending product that is, product that sales the most.
  2. Focus on getting leads not sales. Because once leads start coming, sales follows. (Leads simple means getting people to come to you whatsapp DM. and you save their contact and them too will save yours).
  3. Focus and consistency:  Staying focus is keep key to business success.  If you focus on one thing and keep doing it again and again.  You will have success out of it. This also applies to affiliate marketing business. Your first earning, should go back into the business. Don’t expert to earn millions immediately. But with time millions will start flowing.
  4. Paid Traffic: Every business online requires traffic, you can get them free or pay for it. But if you want to make over 100k weekly as an affiliate like me. Be ready to pay a small token for advert.

Once you start making sales, it will keep coming. Once you learn this skills, you will always keep making money. And the knowledge you gain from affiliate marketing can be use to sale anything online. So, No knowledge is waste.

When I started, I didn’t make any kobo in my first 2 weeks but as of today, I’m making over 100k – 200k weekly as an affiliate marketer on because I didn’t give up.

What is Affiliate Marketing

First, affiliate marketing isn’t a Ponzi scheme. You work work is to sale other peoples product (you are a marketer), selling people product like Affiliate Beginner course (ABC). You must sell a product before you earn.  In fact, affiliate marketing is selling other peoples products.  The Affiliate Beginner course by Stanimart that you bought, will teach you sales and marketing. so, go back and study.

You see as an affiliate marketer, You should have great skill on how to sell. This is the main reason the ABC affiliate beginner course was created.  Ensure you complete this course, because your success in affiliate marketing depends on the knowledge have as an affiliate marketing. Most student don’t complete course they purchased, ending up not getting results. So, if you want to earn 100k or more every week. Ensure you complete the ABC course because, you will acquire a lot of knowledge in sales and marketing. And this Knowledge you will gain from this course, can make you millions of naira weekly and any business.

How to start affiliate Marketing?

1. Get the Knowledge

As an affiliate, completing the course, affiliate Beginner course is the first you sure take, because this course will teach secrets on how to sell any product not only affiliate product but any physical or online products and how to get people to buy them

2. Login to Offcamp Affiliate Platform

Offcamp is the affiliate platform you will be using. once you get ABC course, you will have access to the platform free and the marketplace, were you will find different digital product to sales including the commissions. Also, refer back to the course, because you will learn how to access how to pick product to sale, how to copy your affiliate on offcamp and more.

3. Apps that you Need

  1. Download Whatsapp
  2. Setup your whatsapp auto responder (you will learn in the ABC course)
  3. setup your Twitter Page (you will learn in the ABC course)
  4. Create your first landing page (you will learn in the ABC course) or (you can hire someone to assist)
  5. Create your first marketing banner (you will learn in the ABC course) or (you can hire someone to assist)
  6. Setup your WhatsApp Autoresponder

4. Start Building your contact list

When selling an a marketing, first thing you should do is to build your list, before you start selling. In affiliate marketing, your contact list is more important that sales. If you try to sell direct like this person below, you will never get sell.

How I make over 300k with  affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Reason because, in marketing you don’t dell direct but instead you use lead magnet to get them to your WhatsApp.. And to be able to making sales, first generate100 quality contacts using lead magnet. what I mean by quality contacts is when people that contact you are genuinely interested in Affiliate Marketing.

For example, this is my first post I did with leads magnet on . You can see is an organic traffic method and I used it to generate my first 300 leads that gave first 200k as an affiliate in one month as an affiliate. Before I started using paid traffic to scale up.

How I make over 300k with  affiliate marketing in Nigeria

This singular post generated over 200 quality contact list that joined my WhatsApp training.

How I make over 300k with affiliate marketing in Nigeria
How I make over 300k with  affiliate marketing in Nigeria

If you look at my copy, you will see how it comes with the word free. Nigerians like free things, free is the key to get them interested in what ever you are selling as an affiliate marketing. First offer free WhatsApp class, or free webinar, or free video etc..

In affiliate marketing, your contact list is more important. Because the more quality contacts you add daily, the more sale you get. always add new contacts to your list.. Focus generating leads. leads simple means, getting contact of people interested in what you are selling. And the only ways you can do this is through Organic traffic or Paid traffic.

4. WhatsApp status, Broadcaster, and Testimonials

Your WhatsApp status is where the real marketing goes on. Here, is where you share screenshot other peoples testimonials, your daily activities etc. your status is important factor in affiliate marketing and you most be position daily.

What type of product do I sale, that can make you over 200k weekly?

To make money as an affiliate marketer, you only focus on trending niche. you sale products on that Niche. According to Google trends, over 100,000 people search the word affiliate marketing each month from Nigeria alone..

How I make over 300k with  affiliate marketing in Nigeria

what you need to make 100,000 weekly is just 10 sales from selling affiliate marketing courses like Affiliate beginner course (ABC) like me.

They are many affiliate marketing platforms, you success does not depend on any platform. But it depends on your ability to market and sale hot trending products like Affiliate Beginner course on

How can to locate the ABC course on Offcamp platform


First, Note that, once you are student of Affiliate beginner course ABC course,  you are getting a free offcamp account worth N10,000. To have access to the offcamp affiliate platform,  first you need to login.  
After you have login, click on affiliate this will take you to your affiliate Dashboard and then click on the Marketplace to copy your affiliate link.

Incase, you are just joining offcamp affiliate platform, here are some amazing features that can easily scale up your earning. Subafiliate:

How can you start getting Sales as an affiliate marketer?

First, marketing is a game of number. when you some affiliate marketers making over 500k weekly it simply means they are getting more potential customer more than people that makes 10k. In online marketing, they are 2 ways to get potential customers,

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Paid Traffic

Organic traffic is the type of traffic that doesn’t requires money, that is you are not paying to get traffic, but disadvantage of this process is the sales is very slow but if you want to join the big boys marketing like me be ready to go for the paid advert traffic. Here you run advert on Google or YouTube.

If you target is to make more than 100k – 2 million naira weekly as an affiliate, It means you will need to run a paid advert to generate sales

First, you need to see marketing as business. If you are spending 20k on google ads, you will get back you 20k and you will make profit from it. To scale up fast, you will need to run advert, They are other organic traffic ways you can get sale for free, but note that this ways are very slow and note guaranteed. So I only going to show I how I do my own and makes over 100k weekly. And the secrets is that, if you do the same, you will get similar result.

To make sales, you will need to generate leads, leads are number of people that contact you on daily bases on the product you are selling. So, as an affiliate marketer, you main aim is to keep generate quality leads. The more people you save there contact, the better the sales.

And the fastest and the most effective way to do this, is through running advertisement. I use google ads to run an advertisement.. With a budget of 20,000 spent on ads. I keep making 100,000 weekly or more.

Running an advertisement on google gives you quality leads because this are people that are searching for how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Google ads and youtube ads are better than facebook ads, because, it gives you quality people that will eventually buys your product.

Not everyone that chatted will buy immediately, that the reason I always use leads magnet in my advert.

What is leads Magnet?

Lead magnets are a great way to generate organic and paid traffic and get prospect attention. A lead magnet is an incentive that you offer to potential customers in exchange for their contact information. This allows you to build a list of leads that you can then nurture and eventually convert into customers.

Common lead magnets include free eBooks, free WhatsApp class, free webinar, free trails.
Reasons to use lead magnet is because, not all prospect buys immediately, and they are high likelihood that prospect that sees your advert with capture free WhatsApp class will click on it

Lead market will help you to first build your WhatsApp contact list or email list. And then you nurture and sell to them. Not all will buy immediately, But the more you share relevant content and show up every day the more they trust you and see you as an authority in this field. Then they will start to buy.

Lead magnet is the secret success in my affiliate marketing business. Always use it to generate leads.

How to use Organic traffic method to Generate your first Sales

If you don’t take your product out there. You won’t make sales.  The reason Top affiliates are making million weekly is because of the more people see what you are selling the more the sale
You might be asking.  How to do it? For example, offline. Traders take product where people are eg Market, Bus Stop, Churches etc

  The same also applies to Online marketing.  Here you take your product to sites people visit the most like. Facebook, Nairaland, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok.

Yes.  These are sites that I promote the product I sell..  But this site comes with limitations, for instants on Twitter, if you don’t have followers, when you post on twitter only few people will see it. The same with facebook except Tiktok and Nairaland where you don’t need followers to make your post go viral.

Here are some of the secret organic traffic strategies you can use to get your first sales using this platform.

  1. Twitter:  Make use of trending #tags and comment under viral twitter on viral tweets (Don’t sale direct but use lead magnet
  2. Nairaland:  Go on Nairaland and comment on front page articles (Don’t sell direct but use lead magnet). Nairaland is a very strict forum. Your account can get banned easily.  So, apply caution. 
  3. Tiktok and Youtube: create educational videos on affiliate marketing business etc.

Note: The best way generate sales faster is through paid ads.

How many contact list do you need to make 100k?

First, to make 100,000 weekly, you will need to generate between 100 contact list weekly. with 20k you can easily generate 100 contact using just google advert.. or YouTube advertisement.

lets say 10% conversion rate. That is 10 out 100 people will eventually after you are done with the free WhatsApp/webinar program. If the commission is 10,000, that’s 10,000 X 10 = 100,000

So, what if you want to make 300k weekly.

let’s do the maths on how to make 300k weekly.
To make 300k. It means you will need 30 people buying a product of 10k in commission
@ 10% conversion rate. You will need 300 contacts to achieve this goal.  That is every 100 people that join your contact list 10 will eventually buy. you Goal should be getting 300 – 500 people to yours WhatsApp contact list each weekly.

RECAP: How to Start affiliate marketing as a Beginner:

First, as an affiliate, complete the course, affiliate Beginner course, because this course will teach secrets on how to sell any product not only affiliate product but any physical or online products and how to get people to buy them

Second, after you have done with the training and task. Next is to start implementation.

  1. Know how to copy your affiliate link
  2. Setup your landing page
  3. Setup your twitter profile page
  4. Setup your WhatsApp Autoresponder

Third: Start getting leads by using either Organic traffic or paid traffic Method. And don’t forget to use lead magnet.

Fourth: Send traffic to WhatsApp, Once they land on your WhatsApp. Exchange contact and give them do a free webnair or whatsapp class.

After each free webinar or WhatsApp. Give your student offers, Don’t just sale the course, give them offers that is very hard to resist. for example.

for the first 10 people that will get the course, I add you to my private mentorship group for free. I will mentor you until you make your first sale as an affiliate marketer.

Give prospect offers that look like they are paying less. I usually, promise to setup Google ads and help them create banners banners.

How I make over 300k with  affiliate marketing in Nigeria