Offcamp vs Expertnaire – Nigeria’s Leading Affiliate Platforms Compared

Offcamp and Expertnaire are two notable platforms in the Nigerian affiliate marketing industry

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If you have been online especially as an affiliate marketer you should be familiar with Expertnaire and offcamp, literally, anyone who reads a blog article on how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria will always know about Expertnaire and offcamp.

Offcamp Vs Expertnaire Review

Affiliate MarketplaceYesYes
Registration feesPaid N10,000Paid N10,000
Learning ResourceYes (Gpac)Yes (72IG)
Telegram CommunityYesNo
User Experience95%79%
Comparison Chart

Offcamp offers a variety of options when it comes to different product categories while Expertnaire focuses only on digital products.

In terms of user-friendliness, offcamp has a superior design including a good tracking system where you can easily track your everyday visit and click on your affiliate link.
Since its launch, a lot of news blogs have written about them.

Both Offcamp and Expertnaire are almost the same but have slim differences in terms of the services each offer. Although they all specialized in digital products they are the key difference that set them apart from each other.

So, let’s break it down first, so we can easily understand each other objectives.

Affiliate Registration:

The registration process is almost the same for both Offcamp and Expertnaire. The offcamp Registration fee is Free while the Expertnaire Registration fee is N10,000. Both platforms have a painless signup process. Just get your email and go ahead with this register.

Streams of Earning:

Expertnaire has only one stream of earning for their affiliate which is you earn only when you make a successful sale while on Offcamp, you earn in different streams, for example when someone you referred to the site, registered as an affiliate using your referral link makes successful sales. Offcamp pays you some commission. That is, you earn when you make successful sales and earn when someone you refer makes a successful sale. Also, remember that offcamp Registration is free. You can refer to as many as possible to position yourself for life. Think about when you have over 10k people registered under you. There will be never a way you won’t be earning daily. Even when you are sleeping.


Offcamp Design is simple, Top notch and friendly to navigate around. How easy a website is to use might be worth discussing.

So, let’s discuss the login process
Expertnaire Login, to login into Expertnaire as an affiliate is very easy. Go to the site and tap on the Login icon located at the header of the site while the offcamp login process is slim different. On offcamp, the login is located at the upper left of the website.

offcamp affiliate dashboard
offcamp review

Here is what the offcamp Dashboard Looks like

And here is how it looks in Expertnaire

Ease of Use

Both use WordPress for certain parts of the sites

  1. The Navigation is easy and lite weight
  2. Easy to find the signup page
  3. Enter the required personal info

Payout Process

Offcamp pays out every Monday of the week while Expertnaire payout is on every Friday. Both payments are done through wire Transfer and every affiliate must provide their Nigerian Bank account. No threshold is attached. You are eligible to receive your payment once you earned something.

Customer Support

Expertnaire made it compulsory to contact customer support anytime you are about to list a product on the site. This strategy is also used by many other affiliate platforms. On Offcamp, vendors can list their products on the platform directly on their own.


Offcamp and Expertnaire are top-rated affiliate Marketing platforms in Nigeria. Both are better for advertising digital products. Offcamp is free to register while on Expertnaire you pay N10,000. Customer support of both platform are excellent. Payout are done once in a week.