Expertnaire Review 2022: How to start and Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Expertnaire Review

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What is Expertnaire? Expertnaire is an online digital Marketplace where creator list products and affiliate market these products for a commission.

They are 2 ways you can Make Money on Expertnaire

  1. You can make money as a vendor
  2. Or you can make money as an Affiliate

How to make money on Expertnaire as a Vendor

Expertnaire Review

An Expertnaire vendor is a creator of the digital product. You make money on the Expertnaire platform by listing your digital product which allows affiliates to recommend it to their followers. After you have listed your product on the Expertnaire Platform, the affiliates will then start to recommend your product and any time there is a sale, you earn and the rest will go to the affiliate depending on the percentage you decided to give out as a commission.

For Instance, if you decide that you are given out 40% commission on every successful sale in that case the affiliate earns 40% while you pocket 60%.

The importance of listing a product on the Expertnaire is to increase the sales of your product. The affiliate will promote it and drive sales of the product. Your own is to wait to receive payment anytime there is a successful sale.

You get paid once in 2weeks on Friday. As a vendor, to register on Expertnaire a vendor you must pay a registration fee of N25,000 yearly payment.

 How to Make Money on Expertnaire as an Affiliate Marketer:

Expertnaire Review

As an Expertnaire Affiliate Marketer, you earn money on Expertnaire when you recommend the product to a potential buyer and then a successful sale happened. You will be paid a commission.

Registration as an affiliate marketer on Expertnaire isn’t free. You either pay the N10,000 registration fee or you Buy the 72IG course which cost N72,000.

When you register, you will be given an affiliate link. This link is unique to you.

Any time a prospect buys a product through your unique affiliate link. You earn some commission attached to that product. Products come with different commission percentages. For Instance, if the commission on the product is 30% and the price is N10,000.

It means anytime you make a successful sale, N3000 (30%) will be your commission and it will be sent to your Bank account.

How to Join Expertnaire

They are 2 ways to Join Expertnaire. You can Join Expertnaire as an affiliate Marketer or you can Join as Vendor. Any of this depends on your aim. Do you have a product? Then Join as a vendor. But if you don’t have a digital product but want to market other people’s products. Then Join as an affiliate.

How to sell on Expertnaire?

To sell on Expertnaire, first, you must have a registered account as a Vendor. Pay the necessary fee of N25,000. Then list your product. But note that Expertnaire listing is done manually. Sometimes it takes almost a month to review your product. Most sometimes are very discouraging, especially for a newbie.

To List your product on Expertnaire, first, your product must have a Sales page, a Product page, thank you page and the percentage you want to give out as a commission. Then you will send all this information through the email address they already provided on their website.

How to Register on Expertnaire for free

Expertnaire registration isn’t free, it comes with a price. To register on Expertnaire as an affiliate marketer, you will pay a registration fee of N10,000 also they are other ways you can register as an affiliate is by buying a 72ig course which is N72,000. To register as an Expertnaire vendor you have to pay a registration fee of N25,000

List of products on Expertnaire

  1. 721G WhatsApp blueprint plus implementation program. 
  2. Dropshipping monster course
  3. Freelancer money pot
  4. Whatsapp to Ecom
  5. The 30-day Natural weight loss challenge
  6. Amazon KDP passive income Ecommerce
  7. The Amazon KDP for smartphone
  8. and many more…………..

How to promote products on Expertnaire

To promote a product on Expertnaire, you should understand how affiliate marketers promote products and here are 6 ways how to promote products on Expertnaire

  1. Blogging
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Twitter Trends
  4. Whatsapp Group
  5. Instagram
  6. Twitter

How do I get paid with Expertnaire?

Expertnaire pay all his affiliate every Friday through Bank transfer while Vendors receives payment every 2 weeks on Friday