4 Best Affiliate Marketing platforms in nigeria

4 Best Affiliate Marketing Sites In Nigeria

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the best sources to earn money online as a Nigerian. It is all about recommending a product or service to people and then getting a commission when you make sell. They are many best affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria you should take note of them.

Anyone can make money from affiliate marketing as a Beginner. What you just need is a royal audience that trusts you. This Audience can be on Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, YouTube or even WhatsApp. What you need is to select any of the 4 best affiliate marketing platforms that are already established in Nigeria.

The best platform to sell any affiliate product in Nigeria is through WhatsApp. If you can build a list on WhatsApp, you will always be in sales. Top Nigerian affiliate Marketers uses this WhatsApp Platform to promote their affiliate Link because it is easy to assemble a group of people on WhatsApp organize a free WhatsApp class for them and then sell your course. And if they don’t buy immediately. You keep marketing to them through WhatsApp status. Below I will show you the best affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria you can start with.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms in Nigeria

1. Offcamp Affiliate:

offcamp is a powerful but simple eCommerce site for creators, is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria. The platform makes it easy to earn your first money online by selling digital products, offering online services, subscriptions etc. Offcamp is also the best affiliate marketing platform for affiliates promoting digital products like Courses, Event ticket, eBook, software etc.

Offcamp is the easiest and most reliable way to bring your digital product online. As an affiliate platform, offcamp makes it simple to have an online sales page without any coding skills or extra budget. Offcamp is best known for its beautiful and user-friendly design which is built for the community
If you want to start affiliate Marketing offcamp is your best bet. You can choose from over 100 digital products listed on their marketplace, pick one and start marketing.
In addition, the offcamp affiliate tracker makes it easy for the affiliate to track each sale, Traffic, or visit. You get paid every Monday and your earned commission is transferred directly to your Nigerian Bank account.

Offcamp Review

  1. Zero Signup fee
  2. Ability to earn a commission when someone who registers under you makes sales.
  3. Clean and responsive website design
  4. Over 100 digital products to pick from
  5. Full access to your stats including visits, click and is easy to track your earnings.
  6. Ability to post a blog on the site using your affiliate link
  7. Simplified reporting and analytics
  8. Dedicated customer service, team available 247 through WhatsApp, phone call and email.

Registration Fee:  Free
Rating:  4.8/5

2. Jumia affiliate 

Jumia affiliate is the oldest affiliate platforms mostly for affiliates interested in promoting Physical product. Jumia is a simple eCommerce site for the retailer where you can sell things online. Jumia also has features for affiliates who want to leverage and earn commission on Jumia by recommending people to buy on Jumia.

4 Best Affiliate Marketing Sites in Nigeria
Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in Nigeria

Its feature is good which includes an attractive affiliate commission, good sales reporting and a responsive good-looking platform.

Jumia Affiliate Review

1. Very popular and well known
2. Easy payment options
3. free for all affiliate
4. Mobile optimized websites

Registration Fee:  Free
Rating: 4.3/5

3. Expertnaire Affiliate

Expertnaire is known for pioneering affiliate marketing in Nigeria and making it popular.

4 Best Affiliate Marketing Sites in Nigeria

Expertnaire is owned by Toyin Omotoso. The platform focused only on digital products. Affiliates who use the expertnaire get paid every friend once you have successful sales.
Its features aren’t as sizable as offcamp affiliates most of the work is done manually.

Expertnaire Review:

  1. Get paid every Friday
  2. Simple and easy-to-use portal
  3. Good tracking system
  4. Community-based
  5. Trusted by many affiliates

Registration Fee:  N10,000
Rating: 4.3/5

4. Stakecut affiliate

The stakecut is one of the affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria that allows affiliates to earn commission by promoting other people’s product 

As an affiliate, registration is free. You can signup and start promoting the product right immediately. You earn money when someone clicks on your referral link. You will get paid as much as 50% commission on every sale.

4 Best Affiliate Marketing Sites in Nigeria
Stakecut review

Stakecut Review:

  1. free to Join
  2. Currency in Dollar
  3. Community-based

Registration Fee:  Free
Rating: 4.0/5