5 ways to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website

Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

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Most of us get discouraged to start affiliate marketing in because we lack the necessary skills to build a website or sales page and don’t have enough capital to hire someone to build it for us.
That’s why I have decided to write about how you can do affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website or a sales page.
So, let’s be real. Affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website Might look difficult, yes it will be.
The key to affiliate marketing success is figuring out how to traffic to your affiliate link. Once you can figure it out you have solved 80% of problems every affiliate marketer encounter. As far as you understand how to get a prospect to click on your affiliate link and make a purchase, you are already part of affiliate marketing success.

But before we start to discuss how to do affiliate marketing without a website. Let’s first understand what it means and the best affiliate platforms without a website

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What is affiliate Marketing without a website?

Affiliate Marketing without a website is the type of affiliate where you promote products or services of a company without the use of a blog or website.

How to be an affiliate without a website?

Want to succeed as an affiliate marketer without a website, follow these 4 ways.

4 ways to do affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website

  1. Signup for an affiliate program
  2. Copy your affiliate link
  3. Drive traffic to WhatsApp
  4. Make the sale and get a commission
  5. Scale and make more money

Step1: Signup for an affiliate program

They are many affiliates program in Nigeria but as a beginner you need affiliate programs that gives you opportunities to select a variety of product or services to market. An example of such a platform is the offcamp affiliate. Offcamp affiliate program is free to Join.

Step 2: Copy your affiliate Link on offcamp affiliate program

After you have signup. Next is to copy your affiliate link. But first, you have to choose a product. Always go with a product that has a lot of earning proof. Because that is what you will be using in marketing.

Step 3: Drive Traffic to your WhatsApp

You might ask what we need WhatsApp for. It has been tested that 1 out of 100 people buys immediately. We need WhatsApp to keep the remaining 99 people in check. They are many ways you can get people to contact you Direct on WhatsApp. E.g., by a Facebook advert or posting on Twitter or writing for an offcamp blog. This method can easily bring massive traffic to your affiliate link.

Step 4: Trying to convince prospects, make sales and get paid.

Once you have figured out the best traffic method to use for your affiliate marketing. Next is to Close sales.

This is a very important part of affiliate marketing. If you are an affiliate marketing beginner, then take some time and learn more about the product you are about to promote.

Step 5: Sale and Make More Money

One of the greatest mistake affiliate marketers makes is not ready to scale up. maybe because they are just comfortable with the little, they are already making. Pro affiliate goes on to continue to pay for adverts on Facebook, Google etc. Just to make better sales.
Investing in ads for more traffic can easily scale up your sales which means more money.

In conclusion

They are 5 ways to do affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website.

  1. Signup for an affiliate Program
  2. Copy your affiliate link
  3. Drive Traffic to WhatsApp
  4. Close the sale and get your commission
  5. Repeat the process