7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Affiliate Marketing 2years Ago

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Affiliate Marketing 2years Ago

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When I started my affiliate marketing business as a Beginner in Nigeria, I was Just 18 years old and a Marketing student at Michael Okpara University. Until then, I dreamed of finishing my studies and working for a company.

Yet, when I dived deeper into today’s opportunities of starting an affiliate marketing business from the comfort of my home, my dreams changed. Instead of working for the goals of a big business, I decided to work on my dream which is an affiliate marketer for this big business, and take some commission on each sale.

So, after 2 years, I’m finally living my best dream. I have written a lot of books and free courses on how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria and How to make more than 500k monthly from affiliate marketing Just with your smartphone.

Yet, I make many mistakes until I finally turned my idea into profit. It was never easy, I spent many sleepless nights wondering what I’m doing wrong, asking questions, and reading different Books on marketing/sales.
If I could go back in time and teach myself about building a profitable affiliate marketing business, I’d give her the following tips.

However, there are a few things I wish I had known before I starting Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner

1. Build A List

I wish I started building my list on Day 1. I finally started listening and doing it consistently after 1year of wasting so much time. If you are just getting started, Start building your list NOW! Money is on the list.

2. Traffic Is Everywhere

There is traffic everywhere. EVERYWHERE. It’s on Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Instagram, Newspapers, your local Churches/Mosques, TV, Radio, and WhatsApp Group. want to learn how to generate Organic Traffic. Click here: Gpac Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit

3. Focus on your Offer

Create offers that are too good, to be true. Without offers, you will struggle. Want to see how to create an offer? Check out this article.

4. Value Your Time

We have the same amount of time. (24hrs) It takes generally the same amount of time to promote something that earns you N3,000 versus another that earns you N20,000. If you value your time, you will promote what earns you more. Sure you may need to acquire more skills to sell it effectively, but yeah, do it. People will buy it if they find value in what you are selling.

5. Provide Enough Proofs

Humans don’t trust easily, You need proof of what you are trying to market because that’s the only tool you can use to trigger emotions. . If you are selling courses that teach how to make money, provide a testimonial and the result of your student earning it. Show it always. Proofs are tools that trigger people’s emotions. Use it always.. and master how to apply them in marketing. So, as an affiliate marketer promote only products that have many proofs of results.

6. Follow One Course Until Success

According to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the focus is an acronym for following one course until success. if you see what’s working for you stick to it until no leftovers.

Building a profitable affiliate marketing business doesn’t need to be complex, but it requires dedication and time. If you constantly change your goals, you’ll never see actual results and get discouraged too quickly.

Instead, do proper research, find your strengths, choose a business model that fits your talents and the needs of the market, and stick to it.

7. Always Think Long Term

Many affiliate marketers these days fail because they don’t persevere long enough. Everyone is quick to make sales.

Most people chase quick money-making opportunities and give up too soon. Instead of thinking of the long term, they want instant gratification. Keep adding to your list by using Lead Magnets. Sales will come eventually