We are here to assist to start this journey !

Are you finding it difficult, to setup your dream Advert.

Do you want to scale up as quickly as possible to over 100k/week.

Do you want offcamp Team to assist you to setup your Ads, including

1. Banner
2. Landing Page
3. Google / YouTube Ads setup
4. One on one mentorship.

All this for free, we get you covered because we want you to start earning immediately. And we are ready to do everything to support your Journey in affiliate marketing.

Here are some of the Criteria:

1. Funding: you will be the one, to fund your ads. We are going to do the rest of the work.

2. You most be a student of ABC and have completed the course.

3. You should be financially capable to spend at least $5 daily for 1 month on your ads.

4. Hard work and ready to learn quick.

5. If you are interned to ran YouTube Ads. Provide us with the video.

To Be Eligible, You Need To Submit With Form With Your Abc Purchase Order Id.
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