“If you are going to make the big money that you dream of, YOU NEED leads”

This is what any marketer raking in sales will tell you
none of them tells you the problem that comes with it behind the scene
WhatsApp Automation Bot For Internet Marketers
like Joshua…
After putting your money into ads
The leads start coming into your WhatsApp and that is okay
Until you have hundreds of messages from the leads
and then you start to respond to them one by one
and save the contacts one by one…
till midnight every day
You get tired and the enthusiasm is gone.
Before you know it you don’t notice you did not respond to some
Listen my friend,
One of the major ways to lose your money is by losing your leads
AND guess the fastest way to lose leads?
When you are handling everything manually
However, if you are tired of that life, then you should pay attention!
When I was in that wahala,
I got a solution that saved contacts with only tags and numbers
But that made follow-up hard because I didn’t know their names so we couldn’t connect well
Worst case, it was unreliable.
It chose the day of the week to work
The only other solution was too expensive with limitations
NO freedom to use on my own terms
That drove me to find something that
– works
– is reliable
– is customizable
What I developed afterward is what I showed smart marketers.
Now they smash sales challenges  without stress

This is what 8-Figure marketer, Kassy Jacob has to say about me

WhatsApp Automation Bot For Internet Marketers

He went on to smash challenges easily

WhatsApp Automation Bot For Internet Marketers
What if you can automate your lead generation today?
saving your lead’s contacts with their name automatically and also tagging them while conversing with them in your DM without your involvement?
Like this…

without forms, unreliable website, No importing or exporting CSV files

Another 8-figure marketer & coach, Stanimart Okeke heard and immediately got this game changer.

WhatsApp Automation Bot For Internet Marketers

When 7 figure coach, Roseline met me

WhatsApp Automation Bot For Internet Marketers

winning ways…

For the sake of clarity, these are the 3 kinds of people I help right now.

Does that sound like you?

this game-changing automation will definitely help you….

And to get it into your hands I recorded
simple to implement step-by-step videos
of what I call the…

WhatsApp Automation Bot For Internet Marketers

Below Are What You Will Be Getting When You Get The WhatsApp Automation Bot For Internet Marketers (WABIMA) now
Instantly save contacts that come to your DM from your ads
Once your prospect comes in through your wa-link, the bot automatically picks the name and saves it

This feature alone costs ₦35,000

Never lose a lead. Automatically engage a contact, ask for their name, and save it
This is useful for those who will not add their name.
Instead of going through your Dm searching them out

This feature alone cost ₦20,000

Tag leads from your funnels AUTOMATICALLY
This takes care of your different traffic sources.
(E.g saving with Jack FB, Jane YT, Jill Tiktok)

This feature alone costs ₦8,000

So how much is this bro?

So, answer this
How much is it worth to never worry about how you will deal with saving contacts?
How much is the freedom to be away from your phone doing other important things?
What will you give to have control over your WhatsApp marketing?
Is winning a sales challenge your next goal?
I know that putting this in your hand will give an unfair advantage over others!
See, in the last 10 months, I have sold each feature of this automation separately
But now I have decided to bundle them up ALL 

for a one-time fee


And to keep you at the cutting edge. I mean in front of 91% of Marketers right now
You will be getting the following bonuses today

Premium Apps + The Magic Plug and Play Files

You get $50 worth of premium apps and hours of developer work FREE

My Ultimate Banproof Framework for WhatsApp Automation

I have never been banned by WhatsApp in my marketing journey. Not many marketers can say that.
It is not luck

And the one I should whisper so I don't get into trouble (don't tell anyone)

Because I have worked with many top digital marketers, I know the in and out of their WhatsApp Sales Funnel
I worked with them on Automating it
And I did a breakdown of it and I WILL BE SHOWING YOU!!
I am talking of funnels that have brought more than $50,000 in sales!
AND you get
Access to my secret Telegram group where l provide support and updates

Each of these bonuses should easily ADD another ₦55,000 to the cost

So…if it is important for you to

without  having to deal with expensive or unreliable softwares

join them

8-figure marketer & coach Mr Great


NO. This Automation does not work with iPhones

This comes with 3 Premium APPs and DFY codes with short, simple-to-understand video tutorials.
However, there is one app with a token one-time payment of $4 to be paid to Google.
There is ZERO payments afterward for life!

Resounding YES! All the testimonies you see on this page are from people who generate an insane amount of traffic. How else do they win challenges?

After payment confrmation you will be sent a mail with the link to the course area of thr WhatsApp Automation For Internet Marketers Course and bonuses
You will also be added to the exclusive Telegram group for support, information and updates

Your account will never be banned by WhatsApp because everything we are doing is in line with WhatsApp policies

You have access to it for life and you will get help on the support and the push group in case something is not clear to you.

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