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April 2023,
Somewhere in Nigeria

Nigerians are in some sort of trouble

Just take a look at the difference in the prices of goods and services between then and now:

The info above is that of about 2022 and there is no arguing that the prices are much more worse right now.

We're in a deep recession currently and not to sound pessimistic, but it is going to get worse than this.

Think I'm making this up? Take a look at the projected fuel price in the coming months:

Now the worst thing about all of this is that the government doesn't give a shit about YOU AND ME

And it is sad because if you consider the current minimum wage
(which is just about 30,000 naira)

you would find out that there is no way one can afford to survive

(especially if you're staying in high-cost-of-living places like Abuja, Lagos or even Port Harcourt)

especially with the constant hike in the prices of these items

Even salary earners that were sort of enjoying before now sometimes spend their salary within the first 3 days of getting it.

In essence, their salary is NOT ENOUGH
We can't change it. You and I don't run the show.

All we can do is find a way to protect ourselves from its effects

And what's the best way to do that?


Look for ways to earn cash that don't depend on the Nigerian government or companies.

Because inflation is making it hard for everyone to make ends meet

And it is widely accepted that the government has let us down.

Nobody owes you anything

❇️I realized this early in my life and I want you to do the same too☝🏻

Well not so early though...

It all started for me in 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis during that period all my family's sources of income were shut down😪

The government promised to assist financially and provisionally, so during that period I sort of hoped and believed that their words were true.

But as usual they were not. I only saw them claim to distribute some palliatives on TV.

The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator

It was funny and painful. I realized at that moment that I needed to start doing something that is never put on hold irrespective of any situation,

I needed to start earning money online to support myself and my family.

And while trying different methods, I came across this simple skill that literally changed my life and increased my income drastically

And I'm pretty sure it would transform your life as it did mine.

But I am also afraid that this information cannot help you if:

🔒 You think everything is a scam

🔒You think this is a Ponzi scheme where you put money and you start making money without working hard

🔒If you also think you are fine with the amount of money you’re earning right now, and you don’t need to earn more.

Well, it’s not for you.

And I’m sorry I have raised your hopes high for nothing.

and you are free to exit this page this instance.

But If You’re Still Here Get Ready💡

because, what I'm about to tell you would literally transform your life and show you how you too can start earning atleast 100,000 naira every month🤑✔

The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator

Hey there,

My name is Olufunmi Ade-Ayeni

I am a professional Graphic Designer and I have used Graphic Design to earn over 7-figures within a year with this simple skill combined with some other things.

Now I am going to tell you how this skill combined with some other things has given me the opportunity and time to flex more and get nice things for myself even as a medical student.

Some of the nice stuffs I have gotten with the money I have made from doing this

The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator
The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator
The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator
The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator

Even as a Medical Student

But that's not all though. This skill has also helped most of my students like Chinenye and Martins who have a little to say below:

But my story didn't just change over night like that

Let's back track a little bit to the COVID period.

So like I said, I needed an income source and nothing worked for me until I came across a YouTube video that told me one thing in summary:

Learn A Skill

I googled a couple of skills I could learn to make money online fast and Graphic Design came up and stood out for me,

I was already learning at that time and I started looking for ways to become better and also earn from it.

And look, I have trained a couple of people who have gone on to do the same.

Look at what some of them had to say:

These are a couple of my students above, one was baffled by this path I showed him,

the other was so impressed and was just excited by his 600-dollar deal that he landed for a US company.

More from people I have successfully trained on this

The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator

One of my student's designs and His first Client

Overexcitement and joy from getting this course

The Joy after being shocked with what this same offer contains

She loves the fact that it is detailed

And this same opportunity is what I am here to offer to you too🎁.

The question is…

Will you take it or not💷?

Let’s see

I'm quite sure that you are familiar with who a Graphic Designer or what Graphic Design is (if you are not, I would explain it in a bit)

And yes, this is was what I and my students have been doing to earn online

and I am also aware about the fact that you believe Graphic Designers do not earn well

But before you conclude, let me show you

☑What the Average Graphic Designer earns yearly

And 45,000 dollars is about 27,000,000 naira in a year. That's crazy right?

☑ What some popular simple logos cost

Remember I told you Graphic Designers earn about 27,0000,000 yearly right?

those logos above is enough to show you how;

But for the sake of clarity, let me tell you what Graphic Design is...

It is simply the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines or books.

And yes, Graphic Design can be done with your smartphone or laptop.

But unfortunately, not all designers are earning well enough..

Just like me in 2020..

I didn't know how to get clients so someone always gave me jobs to do and I would do them

Guess how much I was paid? N1,000

It was later I found out he was earning nothing less than $100 on each job he gave to me

I stopped working for him and started working for a couple of pastors that even scammed me

I did the job and they didn't pay me😣

I almost wanted to give up but I didn't It was until I knew how to get clients - high paying ones...

with this simple secret and piece of information that has worked for me and my students.

So if you are:

✅ Someone that has been finding it hard to make money online

✅ A Graphic Designer that’s stuck at one part of his journey

✅ A Graphic Designer making money but wants to make more money

✅ Someone that has wanted to do Graphic Design but doesn’t know where to start

I’m Pretty Sure This Will Help You make money fast and just enough to live the type of life you desire

And this means:

✳You can easily live your best life without even worrying about money

✳You can effortlessly afford whatever you need at the right time.

✳You also find it easy to take good care of your friends and families.

✳You take occasional vacations if you don’t want to leave the country

✳You will also find it easy to Japa because you can afford it.

And I have packaged this Simple Secret into:

The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator

A simple Beginner - Expert program created to teach anyone how to make money by with Graphic Design online using either your smartphone or laptop.

It is structured to teach you how to make at least 100k every month when you implement everything you learn in it properly

I created this MasterClass for 3 major reasons

✅ To help complete newbies learn Graphic Design and how to make at least 100k monthly from it

✅ To help small business owners learn how to create better designs for themselves and ultimately save them a truckload of cash.

✅ To help active Graphic Designers better their skills and make more money than they currently do.

Like Samad who this program helped with his Amazon KDP business

The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator

Or Awolowo who used this program to learn everything about graphic design and marketing the skill

or what Moses has to say below:

And to decide if this will be a good fit for you, here are some parts of the program:


Beginner-friendly Graphic Design MasterClass

That’s perfectly designed to help you learn Graphic Design even if you don’t know how to draw a shape on a computer.

You’ll find the information here broken down to the simplest bits so that any complete beginner can understand how to go about it.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn (properly outlined so you can easily understand and not get confused midway):

✔How to use CorelDraw
✔How to create Shapes
✔How to use The Shape tool and how to draw objects with it
✔How to use Canva & Pixellab
✔How to use PhotoShop
✔How to edit mockups(3d images and logos) with your phone
✔How to use Fonts properly
✔How to Design Logos
✔How to design Business cards
✔How to design flyers and more...

and each of these topics is in form of a detailed video that is super easy to understand and learn from


100k Monthly Designer's Getting Clients MasterClass

Many designers don't make as much money as they should and this is one of the major reasons I created this program

This part of the program would teach you how to make at least 100,000 naira every single month with your graphic design skill.

Here you'll learn:

✔How to make atleast 100k monthly with design
✔How to offer your Design service
✔ How to find a perfect design niche
✔ How to Get Clients
✔ 2 additional skills so you can charge your design clients more: Social Media Management and Virtual Assisting
✔ How to build your portfolio
✔ How to build your LinkedIn page to get high paying clients
✔ How to create Fiverr & Upwork accounts and earn from it
✔ How to make money from teaching people how to design

I understand that you are curious about the enrollment fee for the Design to Dollars program.

I will provide you with that info shortly

and I know it's already obvious to you that this program is valuable

Considering the comprehensive content and value included,

a price of N200,000 is reasonable, don't you agree?


In fact, to make it an even better deal for you

I have a special offer exclusively available on this page if you decide to enroll in the Design to Dollars program today.

I have 5 bonuses to give to you today when you join the Design to Dollars Program and be on your way to Steady Graphic Design Income

FREE BONUS RESOURCE #1 (value- priceless)

Full Access To Design Support Community

Where You Can Ask Questions, Get In Touch With ME And Have Companions On your Journey

In this community, I would also be hosting design challenges, question and answer sessions and even teach you more tips and tricks in design and selling your skill.

And did I add design review sessions? Yep!

In this community, I would personally review some of your designs and tell you where and what to work on to get better.

One of the things that help people accelerate their growth is having a community of like-minded individuals.

With this, you’ll never be stuck as you’ll always have the information you need.

FREE BONUS RESOURCE #2 (value- N55k)

UI/UX Design Course for Beginners

If you are already into graphic design or web design then this will interest you

I always recommend this course for Graphics Designers who want to upskill


Maybe you are a complete newbie looking to learn user interface/experience design

This will be of help to you

And if you do not understand what UI/UX is:

UI means User Interface, which is like the face of a phone or computer. It helps you use apps, play games, and do things on your device.

UX means User Experience, which is how you feel when you use a phone or computer. It's like when you play a game and it's easy to understand or when you use an app and it's fun to use.

Designers make sure that the UI looks good and is easy to use, and they also make sure that the UX is enjoyable and makes you feel good.

UI and UX work together to make sure that using a phone or computer is easy and fun. They both need to work well for you to have a good experience.

FREE BONUS RESOURCE #3 (value- N40k)

Some of the best E-books on Design and Selling (your skills) that would help you see results as quickly as possible.

These e-books have helped me to hone my selling and design skills to the max and helped me make a lot of money.

FREE BONUS RESOURCE #4 (value- N50k)

Premium Design Resources

As a beginner designer, it can be quite complicated trying to get resources from the internet, so I have compiled a list of 10,000+ design resources that would help you in your design journey.

FREE BONUS RESOURCE #5 (value- N85k)

Access to Canva Pro ($120/yr) for FREE!

One of the applications we would be using in this training includes the above and you don’t have to pay a kobo for it when you get this course.

This application is kind of expensive to pay for and use, but when you join us today, you get it for absolutely 0 cost to you.

As you can see I’ve included everything you need to take your first step to learning a skill that could make you 100k every month.

✔ Without needing much experience
✔Without needing a degree
✔ Without needing to wait for years at a Nigerian job
✔ Without you being the most “gifted” designer
✔ Without you relying on “LUCK” or guesswork

These materials are in Video, Pdfs, and Recording Formats

They are easy to digest and understand by beginners so you don’t go astray

There Is also a pdf and video guide showing you how to study and implement all you’ll learn.

To make it as easy as possible for you

So you are not confused about where to start or what to do next

And remember if you have any questions all you have to do is reach out in the support community and you’ll have your questions answered

So that’s it…

Everything outlined above is what you are getting when you join us today…

Now to the question of…

“How Much Does It Cost To Enroll For this MasterClass?”

Before we talk about the price, let’s re-cap all what you’re getting when you join us today (including bonuses):

1. The Full Graphic Design Training

2. The Getting Clients Training

3. Access to the Design Support community

4. UI/UX Design Course for Beginners

5. Premium Design Resources

6. Access to Canva Pro

7. Knowledgeable e-books to grant you more knowledge on design and selling

and as you can see people have only good things to say about this course + here are some of the designs my students have produced from what they have learned in this course:

The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator
The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator
The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator
The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator
The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator
The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator
The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator
The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator

If you have read up to here, you would know by now that this course is valued at a total of N450,000

How much do you think you should pay for this?





I understand that the current situation in Nigeria is challenging...

and time is of the essence when it comes to making purchasing decisions due to the possibility of an impending global recession.

To make it easier for you to start making money through Graphic Design without any hassle, I have decided to offer you a reduced price today.

As you are currently reading this,

I have collaborated with my team to provide you with a more affordable price for lifetime access to the program.

So today only...

You Get Lifetime Access to the Design to Dollars Program and All The Bonuses for just N15,000 ​

One-time payment

You won’t have to pay anything else as it requires no startup cost.

You’d make your money back over and over again after taking your time to learn the skill…

But don’t be surprised if you come back here tomorrow and you see the price has doubled and it is now N20,000.

So click the button below to get started today

See you at the top,

Olufunmi Ade-Ayeni
Creator, Design to Dollars (The Steady Graphic Design Income Generator) Program

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