Just In : The New 'Online POS' Business Model...

For The Average Tiktoker, Freelancer and folks who are Fed Up! and Ready to do ANYTHING Legal to Change their Story…

Opportunity Alarm:

The Recent ATM Ban by the CBN has Unlocked a NEW '5 in 1' Cash-Breathing Streams of Income.

"Folks who will Tap into this NEW TREND will build Unbelievable wealth in 2023".

AbdulRasheed Abdulroqeeb (Blinkxy) Fin. Tech Expert

Hi, Blinkxy here…

As we all know… Late last year the CBN banned all ATM cards from making international online payments…

And this has caused nothing but commotion across the nation.

Yeah, I know this is so harsh and frustrating because:

It has left Thousands of Folks and Businesses Stranded.

According to Business Cabal…

New Paypal Blueprint

But there is a LOOPHOLE in all of this that can MASSIVELY turn your financial life around for good.

And right on this page… I will reveal them to you:

How, IF you do as I say…

You will be able to transform this nationwide fever around… And make a lot of money like you never imagined in 2023.

But before we talk about that… let’s talk about this picture below.

New Paypal Blueprint

I’m sure you know what this is…

So why am I showing you a POS stand?

Good question here is your answer:

The POS business is now a life saver for many families and folks in Nigeria.

According to statista:

New Paypal Blueprint

If you walk down your street. I’m sure you will count more than 10 POS boxes or terminals along the road.

Most of them are under the sun close to a mainroad risking their lives to survive.

Of course we can’t blame them…

Because this is a result of lack of jobs in the nation.

And the most terrifying part of this is that…

The number one set of people– Our government who is supposed to handle this problem of unemployment are working…

EXTREMELY hard to worsen the situation.


Okay take a moment and think about all the recent policies made by the CBN.

That left many Nigerians heartbroken:

Take the New vs Old Naira note confussion for instance

Imagine how it has destabilized the country. But that is not the only concern here.

The worst part of it all is… If you walk by your street and check again. You will notice something unusual…

9/10 of those Pos terminals are locked… and unable to do their businesses for some days now because of no cash to run their business and other factors.

Think of how terrifying this is: people will go hungry! because:

The easiest and fastest form of employment anyone can give him/herself…

… has been ruined by our government with the various policies they have created.

I don’t care… Whatever their reason for this is…

All I know is that:

This is not the best way to approach it. Or better still…

Why not create more jobs for the stranded graduates and the ones who would also graduate to join them.

Imagine the number of families all these have affected already…

I don’t even want to start pulling-up the data of our unemployment rate…

You might shed tears.

Listen. Its also shocking that despite our bleeding economy…

… From time to time. We still hear news of politicians stealing and loothing public funds.

In fact. It seems Greed and Corruption are the only things with a massive development rate in the country.

Now they are shutting down the only sure way of employment for thousands of people…

But still, if you’re reading this…

There is an opportunity in all of these… Which I’m about to show you…

It’s the sure-fire way to convert all this and turn your life around making more money like you have never dreamt of.

The truth is…

I have been keeping quiet about all this… Holding this secret and minding my own business but this happened:

"The Untold Story of PayPal in Nigeria"

One more thing…

… Forget EVERYTHING you know or heard about PayPal.

Yeah, I know you might hate paypal or maybe you have a false believe or notion how paypal works. But listen:

whatever beef you’ve with paypal. Put it aside. Because:

it’s the only way… you can REALLY use to take massive advantage of this life changing opportunity I’m abot to reveal here.

By the way… some ladies do fake love for men JUST TO GET HIS CASH.

So, even if you hate hearing the name paypal. Fake a love for it now. Because who cares?

It’s the money we are all AFTER.

So… what I’m about to show you will ROCKET the trajectory of your life a few months from now.

Just recently a fellow hopped-into my whatsapp dm sharing his testimony…


New Paypal Blueprint

As you can see from the picture…

This fellow couldn’t renew his website subscription…

Renewing his website subscription package because of the recent ATM ban in international transaction and failed countless times.

And according to him, he figured that his only option going forward… was to use a PayPal account to do this:

And when he asked for an expert… All roads led to me.

He stated that:

He was ready to do anything or pay any amount. In fact this was exactly how he put it…


"The survival of my entire business depends on it"

Then I recommended my PayPal program to him.

You won’t believe what happened next…

About 3 hours later he got back to me with his VERIFIED U S PayPal ACCOUNT CREATED by him.

Awesome right?

But it didn’t stop there…

You see, this young man… was also dumbfounded… that the program wasn’t just about creating a PayPal account for his personal use…

… he also discovered that the Paypal business model is a

'Five In One' Income Stream

And Would you believe that:

In just 3 hours he mastered a business that’s… Guaranteed to put ₦300,000 to ₦500,000 in his pocket monthly.

As I speak…

He has converted this problem of making payment online created by the CBN into a:

Cash-Breathing opportunity for himself.

New Paypal Blueprint

'Five In One' Income Stream

Wouldn't you like to enter ANY Restaurant and order anything without even looking at the Menu list or worrying about their Price BEFORE ordering a meal?...

Then Read till the end Because: This is going to be the Most Important Message You Ever Read.

You don't realize it yet but: This Message here can guarantee you such wealth and lifestyle.

My name is Abdul Rasheed but you can call me Blinkxy. I’m tech a savvy… and a digital entrepreneur. 

I offer my skills as service for brands and I also coach individuals to become expert too in the fin tech market.

New Paypal Blueprint

Over the years I have been tagged as the No 1 PayPal EXPERT in Nigeria.

Having been privileged to train over 1,025 students and counting… on how to send, receive and make money from any country in the world easily with paypal.

Look. I can hit my chest and tell you that:

Even though Nigeria is a country that can’t use any of PayPal services…

I’ve been able to work around it… and also coached hundreds in the process to become PROs.

I can also gurantee that: In just 3 hours… you can begin to create your own VERIFIED Paypal accounts…

New Paypal Blueprint

Got a car with this same business model

Look, this is not about bragging…

I’ve been doing this as an expert since 2019. Bagging not less than ₦800,000 on a bad month with the PayPal Business Model…

Which I’m about to reveal to you…

But wait!… Before I do just that: Let me first tell you about my latest SHOCKING discovery.

… Ever since I began this business, in 2019… I’ve never seen anything like what’s going on lately.

What do I mean?

Since 2019 I have been offering the service to people the demand has never slowed down but to my shocking surprise:

It has never been the same since late last year. And It’s because of this new policy made by the CBN that:

The demand for PayPal Creation Online has TRIPLED.

Business is booming so… Anyone who knows how to create a VERIFIED PayPal Account…

… will be like King Solomon in this hardship.

Why and how?

Because: 99% of Nigerians who work online must definitely pass through me or any PayPal expert.

And that’s just a fraction of the numbers.

Because: When you add up the almost uncountable numbers of tik-tokers who desperately want to withdraw their gifts in dollars…

…You’ll see that this NEW business oppourtunity is nothing else but:


Even if many tiktokers don’t:

As long as they receive payments from foreign clients or TikTok gifts from TikTok gifters…

… they will DEFINITELY come to you for dollar exchange.

“Which is just another branch of the Paypal business model”.

Speaking of which…

There are other massive branches of the PayPal business model other than creating paypal accounts for clients or dollar exchange.

My dear…

If you're a graduate or about to graduate. This is a Once-in-a-generation Chance for you.

I do not wish for you to graduate from school and be left with the only choice of starting a POS business… Therefore:

Risking your life sitting under the sun close to a highway.

Which is why with this new opportunity… HERE!

The New Online POS Business…

New Paypal Blueprint
New Paypal Blueprint
New Paypal Blueprint
New Paypal Blueprint

Now lets get to the most intreasting part of this all…

How Can This Opportunity Bag Me ₦500,000 Per Month?

Let’s use my Story as an example.

Back in 2019 after I was told of the wonders of mastering high income skills.

People around would often joke that:

“It should be the 8th wonder of the world” So as fraustrated as I was with live then…

… this motivated to move into the online space..

I got very committed and mastered my skill over time.

Though it was a battle of sweat and blood. I even got scammed a few times. And lost my hard earned money to various crashing businesses…

But as time went on after bumping on the right direction…

I started receiving payment from Nigerians. Average payments such as

₦70,000…₦100,000… ₦200,000 and more for the services I rendered.

However, things didn’t go well because: ‘I wanted more’ just like you here.

This is what happened.

I got so hungry and obsessed for success that I started pitching in the international market spaces like:

Fiver, Upwork, and LinkedIn. And also cold emailing clients accross social media platforms… Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes….

Luckily… I landed myself a client. So we discussed and we settled for my payment… about $700.

Guess what?

… that was when my worst nightmare came to pass.

Here is how it turned out:

The client asked me to provide my payment receiving details.

And of course I couldn’t …

In fact I searched for every urgent means to receive this payment until…

The client grew impatient and guess what?


I lost my FIRST ever client

So after dusting myself up and promising to keep pushing…

That was the beginning of paypal mastery for me and how got int the Fin tech market.

But that’s not all.

You see, after that heartbreaking experience…

I pushed myself into searching out for every means to receive payment from foreign clients.

It took 3 months of intent reasearch, asking questions, making enquries… but trusts me, it was worth it.


After accumulating all the knowledge and experience I could, on the matter…

I developed The Ultimate Secret: which I’ve been, using since 2020 to easily:

Send, Receive and even Make Massive Income while offering the same help to hundreds of people.

Remember this was 2019…

and many folks online at the time had the same problem like me:

But then: The demand for PayPal creation for Freelancers, Pastors, Copywriters, Affiliate marketers etc was high.

But remember…

This was before this recent CBN ban of ATM cards… Beleive me, In a twinkle of an eye the demand has shocked even me:

Well like they say…

"One man's food... another man's poison".

What this means is that… all the dozens of folks who make online payments on sites like

Amazon, eBay, and the likes…

will now be queuing up for whomever can create a PayPal account to get one.

Now, just take a quick look at this queue here…

New Paypal Blueprint

Believe me, this is how Big tiktokers, Freelancers, Graphics designers, Online shoppers Pastors & Affiliates etc…

will queue up waiting for you to create a PayPal account for them.

The demand for PayPal is at its all time high in Nigeria and that’s where you come in…

You will be at consistent service to:

With the NEW '5 In 1' Income Stream... a Predictable income of ₦300,000 to ₦500,000 Per month?

Now, let me explain futher:

By investing in this knowledge… The New Paypal Blueprint:

Just like hundreds of my students…

New Paypal Blueprint
New Paypal Blueprint

You will become an EXPERT creating VERIFIED PayPal accounts…

‘With almost ZERO risk of Ban’

Just by using the UNKNOWN strategies that will be revealed to you inside the program.

You have seen NOTHING yet…

With the same knowledge and secrets you will see yourself…

Note: I charge ₦30,000 naira per client for this service…

… Imagine you do this for just 10 clients per month that’s ₦300,000 naira made from your bedroom.

And the most profitable one is:

I charge ₦50,000 to ₦60,000 per client for this service.

Yes, you read that right…

… Imagine you do this for just five clients per month. That’s ₦600,000 done from your sitting room.

And also…

I charge 10 to ₦15,000 for this service alone…

Now doing it for just two people a week will bag you another ₦120,000 every month.

And we haven’t even touched the surface of it yet… and

By the way let’s talk about the sweetest model of it all…

With the ULTIMATE PROFIT EXCHANGER GUIDE… you will smile to the bank…

When you exchange currencies like Dollar, Euro, Pound with Naira for Top freelanders

With just one deal here you can bag a whooping ₦100,000 pure profits.

As an expert in the field. You can also profit by paying people’s bills.

Such a service is very crucial to students and folks who pay school fees, flight fees or shop online… There’s more:

You will learn the hidden Secrets of how to withdraw PayPal and Payoneer funds at the rate of ₦750 per dollar. At the black market rate…

I charge ₦20,000 to teach these secrets alone.

And that’s not all. Let’s talk about:

With this knowledge you can also charge as high as 30,000 to ₦40,000 to coach anyone who wants to learn the PayPal skill from you.

… Imagine you couch just 10 people a month.That’s ₦300,000 for teaching service ONLY.

Just to be clear. Let’s list them all

You are basically solving problems for people and getting paid.
Now, before I go further, let’s talk about…

TIKTOK and… How you can Make your FIRST ₦1,000000 with this skill... From TikTok alone.

As you know… Tiktok is the hottest social app at the moment…

I mean that’s where everyone’s attention is pinned right now…

Isn’t it?

But here is why I’m very sad about tiktok:

The thing is: as hundreds of youths are becoming filthy rich just by dancing for 30 seconds and posting it…

You on the other hand keep on scrolling watching and laughing on TikTok…

While other youths are busy raking-in millions with the same Tik-tok you are wasting data on.

Don't You Think It's Your Turn to Cut Your Own Shear of This LARGE Cake?

If you are still not disturbed about how unfair this is…

Let me give you a real life example:

If I am not mistaken… This dude here… is the biggest TikToker on earth?

New Paypal Blueprint
@Khabylame (search the name anywhere)

But do you know that……

TikTok pays him about $500,000

Infact, it should be more than this amount as I am writing to you.


Scary innit?

Now, I don’t want to take you through that stress of… “Let’s do the math” of how much he earns totally in a month… two months… a year and so on…

But here is the big question…

What kind of post does he put out that earns him this much?

It’s so funny to say this to you. And I don’t even know if you’ll believe me on this…

But khaby lame doesn’t even say a single word. Not even a single “Hello” in 99% of his TikTok videos- at least when he started and he earns this much.

How about you who spend hours watching Smiling and scrolling through this golden app.

And I think I’m 100 percent right to predict that:

This The Problem?

… the one problem stopping you and 99% of youths from building massive wealth from TikTok is by building a large following.

Well, FEAR NOT because… In a few minutes that will be a thing of the past.

But first, let’s talk about how you can make the millions with PayPal on Tik-tok…

SIMPLE! you do this By creating PayPal accounts for people or exchanging dollars for naira…


Here is how this works…

Have you ever been present in those live sessions where people send roses, caps, and diamond emojis to their favourite Tiktoker?…

Do you know that all those gifts can later be converted into real money?…

And what they do after or when they want to convert it ?…

They do all of these three things below:

Now can you see?

Can you see how your PayPal skill will come in handy?

And here is the fact:

Thousands of TikTokers need this PayPal service…

But even a greater number of them WISH TO LEARN THE SKILL… and they are looking for this opportunity you have here…

Take a look at this Tiktok comment secton of a post talking about paypal below.

New Paypal Blueprint

They are CRAVING to learn it because:

They know the value and worth. And they know how EASILY it can better their lives.

Now here’s the bottom line:

You can come in and RAKE-IN Millions on TIKTOK…

Through any of these three Models we’ve just talked:

That's why I call it–


That’s just for TikTok alone what about Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Etc.

Believe me:

You are basically going to be counting money non-stop if you have this skill.

Now whichever way you got here: Consider yourself lucky because…

It is for these very reasons:

Trust me, I have been there before and I know how it is to lose a client simply because you don’t have a PayPal account.

… these are what led to the birth and new upgrade on the:


Plus, Fast Action Takers Bonuses Today

1. You will learn how to convert Paypal funds to cryptocurrency.

2. You will learn how to convert prepaid card funds to cryptocurrency

New Paypal Blueprint
New Paypal Blueprint
New Paypal Blueprint
New Paypal Blueprint
New Paypal Blueprint
New Paypal Blueprint

Stop and imagine the peace of mind and smile you will get…

… when your account balance begin to read 300k and above monthly pure profit.

Think about what how it would transform your life IF you invest in this knowledge today…

In few hours you will on your road to become an EXPERT and you will have the key to:

It’s a full packed with massive bonuses and this is because:

I really want this to be as easy as breathing air for you because…

I know what you’re thinking right now.

You are wondering and asking…




How will I be sure that this is not one of all those hype and big promises we see regularly online?… Or.


How and where can I get the clients to pay me all this big money you are mentioning?

Wow, three strong questions and concerns there…


But don’t worry. In a moment I will answer them all.



First, I will say that you are not alone. And by the way… those are good questions and 

concerns you have there…



Now the truth is, getting clients to work for- Is one of the BIGGEST challenges folks working online face.



Believe me, I know where that feeling is coming from… And if you have ever done anything online before and struggled for clients trust me…



This is not going to be one of such experiences.





Because I’ve been there too but over the 3 to 4 years of offering this service as an expert…


My team and I have come to…


 Discover the SURE PREDICTABLE Strategies to Position yourself and MAGNET clients to your DM.



Yes, you read that right…



With the strategies I will reveal to you as a BONUS for investing in this knowledge today…



You will be able to MAGNET clients CONSISTENTLY to work with. I call it:

The Ultimate Clients Magnetor Guide (Bonus 1... ₦30,000)

Yes, you read that right…

With this guide you will be able to EASILY Magnet quality clients that are READY and willing to bring out their wallets…

You’ve seen it all as I explained a few minutes ago…

Imagine what working with just 10 clients monthly for any of the PayPal business models can do in your life in six months time.

And before I forget…

There is this major problem folks who work online and even most PayPal experts do face.

which is:

Mentorship or Guidance.

This brings us to your second question…

Is This NEW Business Model just a hype like other online businesses you’ve heared before ?

Now, look, I’ve seen several cases where a fellow is determined to change his financial story by working online for months…

but after a while they get frustrated and give up because there was no one to motivate and guide them.

I also started out with no mentor too. And I know how draining it is to be lonely in a no man’s land with no one to guide you.

Of course I wouldn’t want that to happen to you…

I wouldn’t want a case where you start this journey and give up along the way.

… Iron sharpens Iron… Friend sharpens Friend

Which is why:

Immediately you enroll into the NPB program. (as a bonus) You will be given:

INSTANT Access Into My Vip Support Group (Bonus 2... ₦10,000)

New Paypal Blueprint
New Paypal Blueprint
New Paypal Blueprint

A group of my 1,055 Students who are experts.

1,055 people can’t be all wrong. Can they?

I have gathered them over the years and we have come together to form one community.

In-there, you can ask any question or throw suggestions and you will be given VIP attention. (Family stuffs lol)

Now you have seen NOTHING yet…

And this brings me back to what we talked about previously…

The secret of making money on TikTok.

You see, like I said before.

Thousands of youths are making it big on TikTok just by dancing for a few seconds.

And this seems unfair to me that:

Few people know the secret of how to make tiktok a ‘CASH WELL’ but they keep it as a secret.

I’m not sure if you have seen this anywhere…

But trust me, there are little unknown secrets that most of your favorite TikTok Influencers know which you don’t know.

And this troubles me because I think everyone should be given an equal and fair chance to monetize the enormous opportunities in our world today.

Here is the thing…

… I don’t know if those secrets have been hidden from you oryou don’t just knoe them but right here…

I want to offer you a Once in a lifetime chance by REVEALING:

The Little but Almost UNKNOWN Secrets to Building your FIRST 10k TikTok Followers as Fast and Easy as possible”

Through what I call the:

FIRST 10k TikTok Breakthrough Guide. (Bonus 3... ₦25,000)

As you enroll for the NPB program you are getting this guide from me as an additional bonus…

Adding it up with your PayPal skills you will become unstoppable also.

No more wishing to be like your favorite TikTok big accounts… But you will be one person to look up to.

And we are not done yet because:

There is this concern which I’ve wanted to tackle since I started getting the complaints from most of my former students.

Which is: Fake whatsapp tv scam.

Here is what they’re saying…

Few of my former students have previously complained:

… That they got scammed by some WhatsApp TVs after paying them to post their PayPal business flyers on their channel.

How wicked… Instead of advertising as was agreed they take the money and block your number.

Trust me it has been frustrating for many of my student which is why as a bonus…

I have also prepared two special goodies for you as your Scan Proof.

The PayPal Flyer Copy Draft & a List of few

Tested and Trusted Whatsapp TVs Bonus 4 (Scam Proof)

I have personally done business with them.


as a Bonus I will give you access to thier numbers where you can advertise promptly with your flyer design on their WhatsApp TV

Talking of flyers:

You might not know how important your flyer is for this business… But believe me;

A good copy and well designed flyer is one of the subtle secrets of attracting quality clients.

Since you are not a copywriter… I figured that you will struggle to write a compelling flyer-copy which is exactly why I prepared for you a copy draft…

As a DFY: You can copy and paste them then get a good graphics designer together with your quality picture and boom you have a compelling flyer.

I charge ₦20,000 per client for writing a flyer copy…

… But you will be getting it as a FREE Bonus… for investing in the NPB program

Adding to that:

I discovered that prospects become confused … just after watching the whole videos of any course… not knowing what to do or the next step to take:

To tackle this… I’ve created a special FREE report for you. Which I call the…

The What Next Guide Bonus 5

Inside this guide you will gain clarity…

On the next immediate step you should take as soon as you finish watching the videos inside the NPB program.

Trust me… as little as this guide…

It will give you a clear direction like holding your hands to guide you as you go on to start implementing what you’ve learnt.


Saving you all the time you would have wasted HOVERING around before you have a clear direction.

Now the last but not the least most important bonus is:

A FREE Access into my Premium Email List Bonus 6... ₦8000


This is a paid list of my premium email subscribers…

where I share VIP tips and updates about making money online opportunities INCLUDING AFFILIATE MARKETING.


That remains me in addition to this and just because I want this to be a complete package for you…

You will also grant access to my Ebook:

"Access to a Paid vpn
logins worth ₦19,200"

Wow, I feel I’m cheating myself. Because this one came off the box… I didn’t plan to include it here.

But because I want this to be a complete package I am willing to give it all.

So if you are an affiliate marketer trust me this book will come in handy.

It contains the SECRETS that most of The Top affiliates you see use.

I have sold and sold this book for 6000. But no problems…

you’re getting it FREE for investing in the NEW PAYPAL BLUEPRINT.

Plus, Fast Action Takers Bonuses Today

1. You will learn how to convert Paypal funds to cryptocurrency.

2. You will learn how to convert prepaid card funds to cryptocurrency

Now I am sure you can barely keep up with how many bonuses there is…

So let’s recap the whole thing together:

You will be getting…

Good question… and here is your answer.

First: you have seen it all. And adding the price of the NPB course together with the whole bonuses should be up to ₦380,000 plus.

And I want you to know that this is not bluffing.

All these bonuses you see here are what I sell on a good day EACH.

But today you are having access to all of them totally FREE:


How much would you be investing to have access to this… New POS Businss Model?

You will be getting The NPB Course… Together with the whole 7 Bonuses for a 'steal price' of just $50/₦30,000

Plus, Fast Action Takers Bonuses Today

1. You will learn how to convert Paypal funds to cryptocurrency.

2. You will learn how to convert prepaid card funds to cryptocurrency

Yes, you read that right… But:

Look, I can only offer all these MASSIVE bonuses and promises to help folks who will only take this bold step and let me help them.


Somethings are beyond my power and one of them is:

Forcing you to invest in this life transforming knowledge… I can’t force you because it’s all up to you.

You just have to crush every shred of doubt and give me the chance to prove to you that this works.

And I will still help you to just that:


Read this…

Don’t take my word for it. I mean don’t believe a word of anything I have said here.

Because:I know the situation of the country and how money is hard to come by…

Which is why no matter what I say and no matter the number of testimonies I show you…

In one way or the other you will still see this as a risk.

Look, you are correct and right to see it that way-

because everything in life is about taking risks, including the air we breathe…

And it’s for this reason that I want to totally make the risk involved in this… as light as a balloon for you with my:

'Risk Proof Guarantee'

What Is A Risk Proof Guarantee?

This is the 60 days 100% money refund that covers you.

Therefore... If you invest in the NPB course and within the first 60 days you don't make TRIPLE of the amount you invested on this program...

Just send me a picture of your well designed PayPal business flyer carrying your picture and

a screenshot of where you posted it in the whatsapp Tvs I recommend...

Then I'm refunding back your money 100% complete without any questions together with a public apology.

How is that for a risk?

Hear from some of my students…

Press to play

"More than 80,000 Naira in one day"

200,000 Naira in pure profit

It's the best course for you out there

Make Minimum 6 Figures on a Monhtly Basis

700,000 thousands made

200,000 Naira in pure profit

In fact let's talk about the BIGGEST RISK in life

This brings me to what I have always say to people…

“If you want God to laugh at you tell him your plans.”

In other words…

No one knows what will happen to him or her in the next two hours.

I don’t pray so for this but:

Imagine for a moment…

What If you are faced with a big financial problem now, who would you run to?

Is it your uncles who have forgotten you exist or your friend who might look down on you tomorrow for begging?…

If you are like me who can’t stand the feeling of begging anyone…

… Then this is your chance.

Take control of your financial life. And stop living in fear of money issues forever. Because:

Guess what ?

Money issues will SURELY come… So you should be prepared to handle them as they come.

Or worse… What if you or a loved one goes down unexpectedly with an urgent health issue that requires huge financial support..

Of course this time… there won’t even be enough time to beg any Uncle or friend in such urgent cases…

So to avoid any story that touches the heart-

Give yourself the chance to accumulate wealth NOW.

Because: (Allow me to paraphrase)…


Apart from that I’d like to give you a word of caution:

This course was recently increased from ₦20,000 to ₦25,000.

… And this was just before the current trend I just talked about.

Remember, like I said-

This current trend created by the government has TRIPLED the demand for PayPal account creation…Therefore,

… because of this high demand: the price of this course can or will be increased from ₦25,000 to ₦30,000…


So… if you are really disturbed and you really want to transform current financial situation from:

‘Tragic to Magic’…

… don’t make it any harder for yourself by thinking about it…

The only way this margical transformation can happen is by taking action NOW before any price is added to the NPB.

To start: Here is all you’ve to do… In 3 simple steps



Plus, Fast Action Takers Bonuses Today

1. You will learn how to convert Paypal funds to cryptocurrency.

2. You will learn how to convert prepaid card funds to cryptocurrency

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Before you go on…

I want you to imagine how your life would be in six months from now… IF YOU DON’T MAKE THIS INVESTMENT ON YOURSELF…

There is a 9/10 chance that you will still be the same financially. Not because you didn’t take this bold step today but because…

… you believe six months is a very short time for your financial life to transform from ‘Tragic to magic’. But:

Imagine: Creating for just 10 clients a U.S Paypal accounts ₦30,000 each. That’s ₦300,000 done and dusted in 31 days

And that not all…


The funny thing about this is…

Building up a SINGLE stream of income or business from scratch… can consume millions of Naira,Time and Energy in a twinkle.

But this time:

You will basically learn and master FIVE different streams of income in 3 hours…

… with just your phone by investing a little amount on yourself.


If just one part of this ‘5 in 1 income stream’ can bag you ₦300,000 in 30 days

How about the other 4 streams?

I guarantee that you will be on your way to six figures months from now.

Well, don’t take my word for it:

(The 60 days COMPLETE money refund Guarantee is there for you to hold as a Risk Proof)

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New Paypal Blueprint
New Paypal Blueprint

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I can’t wait for your own testimony.

Plus, Fast Action Takers Bonuses Today

1. You will learn how to convert Paypal funds to cryptocurrency.

2. You will learn how to convert prepaid card funds to cryptocurrency

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