new book finally reveals:

A Proven System Anyone Can Use To Raise Money For Any Business Model Without Borrowing Or Begging Anyone For Capital.

A Proven System anyone can Use To raise money for any business model  without borrowing or begging anyone for capital.

How To Raise Money When There's No Money

From: Clement Udoh

Port harcourt, Rivers.

If you would like to discover how you can raise money to start/scale your dream business or a profitable business online, then this book is a must have!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs money to start a profitable business online. The secrets revealed in this book about raising money is absolutely a second to none."
How To Raise Money When There's No Money
Stanley Wilfred
Online Entreprenuer

Back then in 2021, I was broke and frustrated about life. 

I was working then in an Agro warehouse as a junior staff doing almost all the major work with just a little pay I received monthly as my salary which wasn't enough for my upkeep.
How To Raise Money When There's No Money
(Me in 2021)

I was really struggling hard to survive as a young adult then. most times, my salary was already spent before the month is over 

I knew I could not continue to live in such a despairing life. So I started looking for ways I could earn more money with less stress and effort. 

Not long after, I discovered a business model I got highly interested in. It was a profitable business model that I knew could change my financial life only if I get started... 

Unfortunately, there was no money for me to start the business because I didn't have the capital then, and since my salary wasn't enough to cover my expenses in a month, I couldn't save from it... 

I was really depressed not knowing what to do

I tried borrowing money from friends so I could use it to start the business, but I was turned down by them

Later in 2022, things started getting tough for me as price of things went high due to increase in dollar

Because of how things were tough for me, I got indebted to loan apps with high interest to pay back before due dates.

I was so frustrated that I could no longer bear the hardship anymore.

So I began to search for ways I could raise money fast so I could  kick start the business model I initially had interest in.

I started searching for ways to raise money for my business, still yet I could not figure out a sure way to raise the money I need.

I felt hopeless, not knowing how to raise the money till I stumbled upon a powerful system that changed the money game for me.

It was a system that was used by top entrepreneurs to raise money for whenever they are in need of money. 

To cut the story short, I was able to use this powerful system I discovered to raise the money I needed without borrowing a dime from anyone  

And without wasting time, I ventured into the business I wanted to start and within a few months of understanding how the business model works,

I began to make money from it and my financial life changed in no time.

Afterwards, I was able to pay all my outstanding debts, get to buy things I could not afford then and even go to places I couldn't go before.

How To Raise Money When There's No Money
(me in 2022)
How To Raise Money When There's No Money

After getting lots of questions from people of how they can raise money to start a business or fund their project…

I decided to reveal this proven system I discovered in a book to help as many people as possible to discover this system to raise money for to start or scale their businesses.

So I actually titled the book
How To Raise Money When There's No Money

In this book, I shared the untold secret system that helped me raise money when there was no money available.

Here’s a snippet of what I shared in the book

  • The proven system I used to raise money without borrowing money from anyone and how this system can help you raise money from scratch. (Page 27) 

  • A proven system to raise money to start your dream company or firm without borrowing from bank/financial institution for capital – this is the same system Akin Alabi used to establish his multi billion Nairabet company. (Page 70)

  • Sure fire ways you can use to raise money for any business model without taking any loan from anyone – with these other methods revealed, you will be able to raise the money you need as soon as possible. (Page 54)

  • Why you should not borrow money from anyone to start a business and how it can save you from becoming a prey to money lenders. (Page 78)

  • 3 things you must get right while raising money to start your dream business especially if you are raising money for a business or firm that requires hundreds of thousands or millions of naira to start. (Page 49)

  • You will also discover the non-profitable model you should run away from while trying to raise money – avoiding these models will save you from wasting your precious time and hard earned money on systems that don’t work. (Page 50)

Not only did I share secrets about raising money

I also shared some powerful secrets that will help you succeed in any business you may want to venture into,

Here is just a fraction of what I shared…

  • 7 must-know factors to consider before deciding on any business to start. You should not start any business until you read this. (Page 77)
  • 2 things you must achieve first before quitting your job to start a business and how this can save you from failing in business. (Page 89)
  • Why most people fail in business and what you must do to avoid it. (Page 88)
  • Recommended books you should read if you don’t want to fail in business – the information in this books have helped many Nigerians today to succeed in business. (Page 105)
  • What to do when you feel like quitting any business model you may venture into and why doing these things can help you get back on track to succeed in that business. (Page 84)

And lots more. There are so many tips and secrets I revealed in this book which I can't list all here. But I am very sure you will love this book when you read it.


Well, let me ask you. How much do you think such a wealth of information is worth?


A book that can show you how to raise money for any business model you dream of starting without borrowing or begging anyone for it, I can tell you it’s priceless. 


Even if I decide to sell it for ₦30,000 it’s still worth it

But this is a book, not a course. So I won’t ask you to pay such money

No. It should be something that most serious people who want to raise money to start or scale a profitable business can afford. 


So I’ve decided to make it affordable for everyone for a price steal of ₦5,000

Yes, with just ₦5000 only, you can order this book today and get instant access to the powerful information revealed in it.

But wait, that's not all!


If you order this book today, You will also get MY THREE SPECIAL BONUSES worth over N45,000 for FREE!


The 24 Hour Cash Checklist 

The 24 hour Cash Checklist is a 5 page PDF checklist that reveals the untold secret system you can use to raise money fast for your business within 24 hours.

Note: This system will only work for you if you already have a business you run.

This was the still the same system I used to raise over N60,000 in less than an hour when I needed money urgently to scale my business.

I discovered this unique system from a renowned businessman who used this system to raise over $24,000 in 24 hours

I also know a lot of Nigerians who have also used this system to raise lots of money within 24 hours for their businesses.

With this checklist, you will discover how to raise lots of money within 24 hours to scale your business when you get started.

If I were to sell this bonus checklist alone, it would be sold for nothing less than N30,000 – but I will give you access to this checklist for free if you order this book today.

Value: N30,000


The Fast Track To Raise Money Checklist

One of the major problems people always have is time, most people don’t have the time to start reading a full book.

Which is why this checklist was created to summarize the secrets revealed in this raise money book of over 100 pages into an easy-to-read 30 page pdf checklist so you can easily discover the secrets to raising money for any business model more faster.

With this checklist, you can easily discover all the secrets in my book about raising money in less than 7 minutes

Plus, I also added more proven ways you can use to raise money for other purposes in this checklist.

Currently, This checklist alone is worth at least N15,000 because of how it’s well simplified and straight to the point.

But since I want you to discover how to raise the money you need as fast as possible…

I will also give you this checklist absolutely for free if you order this book today

Value: N15,000


Raise Money Online Community

In this community you will be getting access to the following for free.

  • Access to full detailed VIDEOS of how you can easily raise money using the proven system I discovered with other ways to raise money fast for your business.
  • Weekly support from me in the community so I can help you be on track till you are able to raise the money you need.
  • You will also get to participate in the community’s live questions & answer session to ask your questions whenever you have difficulties raising money.
  • You will also get the opportunity to network with other people in the community who will be sharing their success stories of how they were able to raise money for their business so you can be inspired and motivated to raise yours quickly.
And there are still lots of features you will be getting in this community which I can’t list all here.
But I can assure you that the total value of everything you will be getting in this online community alone is worth more than the price of this book and my other bonuses,
but I have decided to let you get access to this community for free today.


Note: This bonuses will help you discover how to raise money more faster so you can quickly use the money to start your business on time.

And you will be getting access to all these bonuses for free, if you order this book today!

I'm sorry, you may still not get these bonuses if you delay for long...

as these bonuses are available for the first 20 persons that orders today!

now here's what other people are saying...

How To Raise Money When There's No Money
How To Raise Money When There's No Money
How To Raise Money When There's No Money
How To Raise Money When There's No Money
How To Raise Money When There's No Money

one last reason you should get this book today…

“If You Wait For The Right time Or The Good Times To start a Business, You Will Wait All Your Life - Fran Tarkenton

My dear friend, You really need money if you want to start a business whether an online business or offline business.

You see, There is lots of money everywhere, you just need to know how to get it

But complaining of NO MONEY is not the issue now, 

The only thing stopping you from getting started is not taking fast ACTION to opportunities you know would help you raise the money you need.

Remember, if you have the money you need to start or scale your business, you wouldn’t be reading this page right now

But since you really need money, you need to take action now

How To Raise Money When There's No Money


Note: There’s a 30 days money back guarantee

That’s a 100% refund if you apply all the secrets in this book and can’t raise a dime for your business.

But you must provide real evidence that you applied all the proven secrets revealed in this book to raise money and it didn’t work.

So in a nutshell,

I’ve given you reasons why you should order this book. I have showed you what others are saying about it.

I also added my special bonuses which will help you raise the money you need more faster.

I even decided to take the risk upon myself to offer you a money back guarantee in case you don’t get results.

Well, I’ve done my part. It’s all in your hands to take action now as there are only two options left for you right now

which is,

Option 1: To leave this page now without ordering this book which is absolutely a no risk to you 


Option 2: To take action now by clicking the order now button to get this book today which is still also a no risk to you

That is, if you don’t get results after applying the proven system revealed in this book and in my special bonuses,

Then you should know that, you’ve got this book and my special bonuses absolutely for free! – (FULL REFUND OF YOUR MONEY)


Note: Either of this options are risk free to you,

but the only option that CANNOT guarantee you of raising money to start & run a profitable business is leaving this page now without ordering this book.

Here’s Everything You Are Getting Today For ₦5000

Main: A copy of my book “How To Raise Money When There’s No Money”

Bonus 1: The 24 Hour Cash Checklist

Bonus 2: The Fast Track To Raise Money Checklist

Bonus 3: Access To My Raise Money Online Community

P.S: There is no hard copy for this book.

Only digital copies (PDFs) are available which can be access with your mobile device (android phone, iphone, tablet) or laptop at your convenience…

And you will get immediate access to everything (the book & bonuses) once your payment is successful.

Please also note: The price of this book is likely to increase to ₦8000 anytime soon.

You may re-visit this page in the next 30 minutes or less, only to find out the price has gone up to ₦8000.

So if you really want to get a copy of this book for ₦5000, your best bet is to order this book now!

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