After my several attempts to making money online failed me, I finally discovered

A Smartphone Top Secret That Young Nigerians Have Been Using To Generate $200-$2000 Monthly On Amazon Using Just Their Smartphones And Working 2 Hours Daily From Anywhere In The World.

And that TOP SECRET is what I will be handing over to you in a moment




You don’t need to be a graduate

You don’t need a prior experience

You don’t need to be a writer 

You won’t be writing anything yourself

You won’t even be paying a writer

You don’t have to show your face

You won’t even be advertising on amazon or anywhere

Watch This Video For The 3 Steps To Get Started (COMPULSORY)


Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones

Now is the best time to earn in dollars.

With just $100, you have 72,100 Naira, going with the rate of Dollar to Naira as of today.

1 USD  = 721 Naira

Dollar is increasing by the day which has led to the increase of literally everything we buy in Nigeria, making life more difficult for the masses.

And believe me, this isn’t promised to get better any time soon.

But instead of crying and complaining, just relax and pay attention while I show you…


But before we proceed, I’d like to show you what a student of mine did with just a tip from this BLUEPRINT .

So you can see that while many Nigerians are crying for the increase in dollar rate, many are taking good advantage of it to even earn bigger
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones


Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones


Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones


Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones


Well, just pay close attention to the testimonials below

I shared some helpful tips with NANA in November 2022, and here’s the result in less than 50 days

NUEL here, my brother turned student got an unexpected sweet mail from amazon after experimenting the tips I shared 👇


Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones

Also here’s BOLANLE whom after amazon terminated her kdp account attended my FREE CLASS, got started with kdp again and a month later, here’s the result 👇

Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones

While still creating this  BLUEPRINT, I have some people on my waiting list. 

Check below to see for yourself  👇

They want me to create the course overnight 😅

Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones

Also, below is my personal payment notification from Amazon

Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones

Also from Payoneer ⇓

Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones



» TODAY’S PRICE = N20,000 «

Okay, my personal result aside, see what these people have to say about me

Coach IP see ehn, I don't know how to thank you for this AMAZON KDP you created for smartphones, made my first $102 in my first week of registration. You're GOATED no doubt. It's your simplicity for me.
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
OJO Emmanuel
After 60 days of implementing everything you taught us in the academy, I finally got paid early this morning by amazon. I remembered you personally telling me in a voice note that this isn't a get-rich-quick scheme but a business model that is proven to work. Thanks for your honesty sir. I've broken the code and your teaching is the brain behind it.
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Come to think of it that I was having a second thoughts about enrolling in your academy. I must say that your mentorship is the best thing that has happened to me this year. Thanks for all you do to see us succeed sir.
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Ekeoma Olua
Sir, no hyperbole, even if you increase the price of your mentorship, I'll still pay for it. In fact, I'll do anything to remain in your academy because it's worth every penny invested. Please, sir, don't stop being you.
Ebafua Silas



Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones

We don’t only make money when people buy our books, we equally earn as they read the pages of our books as seen below 👇

Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones

Hello! My name is ISRAEL PRINCE.  I am an Online Business Coach and KDP SPECIALIST.

I make a living online and I teach young people like you how to do the same using their smartphones. 

On that fateful day, December 23rd, 2019, I was at the third mainland Bridge at 12:35 am with three other men on the bus I boarded. As I alighted, I asked myself; what if these men throw me inside this water? Nobody will know what happened to me.  I cried that early morning. But right inside me, I could hear a voice saying, move on. You’re writing your history. That strengthened me.  I took another bus because I had to get to my church on Lagos mainland where I usually pass the night. I stay in Ogun state so I can’t be returning home daily.  You’re loving my story, right? Okay, let’s continue… Before I came into the internet space, I’d done lots of menial jobs just to survive. I’ve sold female clothes for my aunty in Amuwo Odofin Lagos, worked as a delivery guy in Lagos Island where I’ll collect goods from Lagos Island Market and dispatch them to the axis of Victoria Island, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki Phase 2, Ikoyi, Ajah, Awoyaya, Epe and still return that same day to the mainland.  Some days I’ll cover the mainland axis like Ikeja, Ojota, Apapa, Surulere, Ojodu Berger, etc. Just to survive. Did I also tell you that I lost two android phones within 4 months? The first one was robbed in December 2019. I bought another phone for 35k (TECNO SPARK 4) in February and it got stolen in March 2020. All my sweat is gone.  I almost killed myself. Because I saved for two months being on the road before I could get that phone.  In early 2020, I had to quit this very job because of covid 19. You remember that moment when everybody had to stay indoors. Yea. It was then I started working in parks and gardens as a gardener with N800 daily pay. I have worked in a bakery in Badagry Lagos. From there I moved to faith academy and then to the pharmacy where I was paid 20k monthly as an inventory manager.  And hey, did I forget to tell you that I’ve dropped out of school twice. Oh sorry, how could I forget that part?  From 2017 to 2021, I dropped out of the uni twice. Why? No fund.  And hey, I know you might want to ask; where are my parents? Well, they’re late. Yeah, both of them.  Now you can see why the back and forth. Ever since I lost them, life hasn’t been rosy. And of course, I have aunties and uncles but just like you know, they’re all busy sponsoring their own kids to uni.  I didn’t come from a wealthy family but I’ve never seen that as an excuse. I’ve always been striving hard to succeed through every legal means.  All thanks to God who didn’t let me join the group of fraudsters in 2020. The financial heat was so much that I almost attempted what we know as “yahoo – yahoo” but God helped me and I didn’t.  While working in that pharmacy in 2022, I was looking out for ways to make real money without slaving.  I was literally slaving because I worked from 8:00 am – 9:00 pm, Monday through Saturday for 20k monthly. What do you call that?  In September 2021, I lost my hard-earned 10k to Africgold mining platform. Imagine earning 20,000 Naira monthly, then paying tithe N2000 and with 18,000 Naira left.  Then one platform just came with fake promises and ripped me off my hard-earned 10k. That money meant a lot to me then. I tried other means that didn’t last. I even asked Google how to make money online

My Quest For Financial Freedom Led Me to Discover what I am about to share with you now. Which has also helped many people in Nigeria, Africa, and All Over The World attain Financial Freedom with the use of smartphone. 

I should have stopped trying but the fear of SAPA is the beginning of wisdom. 

Today, I live in one of the most reputable places here in Canaanland, Ota, Ogun State Nigeria.  I’ve enrolled back in school (open school) and can comfortably take care of my two beautiful sisters. 

What changed for me?

I found a working system, tested it for a couple of months, and got results. Taught the same business model to a few persons that are now my students and they’ve been producing results ever since.  You may ask if this top secret is this lucrative and life-changing, why am I revealing it to you? Here’s the truth. It saddens my heart to see young people with expensive phones not knowing what to do with them.  It breaks my heart to see someone with a smartphone worth 70,000 Naira but can’t even buy 500 Naira airtime
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones
Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones

This Works for All Smartphones. Meaning you can use either your Android or iPhone for this business. 

Before now, only those with laptops used to enjoy the money from Amazon but trust me, I had to find a way that non-laptop users can benefit from this lucrative business. And Boom that was how I created this blueprint to bridge that gap and see smartphone owners make money from Amazon KDP.

While I was still working on this course, many people were so eager to see me launch it because of the money they’ve made from just my free coaching.

Now you may want to ask, what’s AMAZON KDP?

Amazon KDP simply means AMAZON Kindle Direct Publishing, which is a section of Amazon that allows authors and non-authors (self-publishers) to publish and earn right away as customers make purchases. 

NOTE: Professional authors are welcome. But you must be ready to unlearn the things you know and learn what I’ll be showing you in this blueprint. If you’re ready to follow my lead, your success is certain. 

I am not a writer but I create books on amazon. Yes, I don’t write, I create.

And with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) today, I do multiple books in a day. My students and I use a method known as “WWW” to create our books. “WWW” simply means writing without writing. 



This blueprint is not to teach you book creation and publishing until you become a professional.


Nah…. Nah…


It is to guide you step by step on how to create & publish the kind of books that brings in money.


And that’s what you want.


You don’t want to become a broke professional who can’t pay bills.


At this point, I see it necessary to tell you the kind of books that you can publish on Amazon ⇓

  • Evergreen model
  • Summary model 
  • Notebooks 
  • Journals 
  • Colour books 
  • Trend model 

I personally don’t do all because I’ve studied Amazon and the books that really sell well for me. My students have as well confirmed that. 

I’ll be revealing the kind of books that I do alongside my students in this blueprint. 

Click below to register and join my KDP Academy. 

The Class Is Almost Filled Up, Join Now Before The Countdown is over.


Just so you know, I created this course for two sets of people;

1.  For a complete beginner who wants to start and earn passively with Amazon KDP.

2. For a struggling publisher who hasn’t made much progress. It will accelerate the growth of your KDP business. 

This blueprint is so easy to understand that even a 10yr old child can learn and implement everything in it.

To get started with this KDP business you only need 3 things; 


  1. Your smartphone (Android or iOS) 
  2. Internet connection 
  3. This Blueprint

This blueprint is guaranteed to bring you results even if your highest qualification is your WAEC result. 

I designed this blueprint to help the average Nigerian earn passively in dollars. 


❌ No writing skill required 

❌ No distinction in English language required 

❌ No experience required 

❌ No Advertising 

❌ No marketing 

❌ No designing skill 

❌ No capital required 

REGISTERING for this blueprint today with just a token is all that is required to get started. 


I am not a writer but I’ve been able to crack this code and below are my recent payment notifications from amazon

Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones

And hey, let me warn you!

Don’t think that this is a get-rich-quick scheme. No, it’s not. 

If you’re looking for where you’ll put 20k today and get 100k after 2 weeks (doing nothing), please stop here. This blueprint isn’t for you.

But if you want an automated system that can be making you money while you’re asleep (passive income), then this business is for you. 

The passive income starts rolling in after you’ve put in the necessary work. 

This is a business. As a matter of fact, in my first month of doing KDP, I made $0.0 and I’ll tell you why. 

The reason is that I tried to figure it out myself. I tried YouTube videos, creating low-content books, but I didn’t make a dime and so I became frustrated.

It was until I paid to learn that I started getting results. So don’t be like me who felt I knew it all initially. If you want results, register today. 

If you can follow my steps just like my students, you too will be receiving sweet emails like the one above from Amazon.

Again, it didn’t come overnight. I got courses and implemented everything I learned. Repeated the action consistently and here I am today. 

So If You Are:


» A Drop Out

» A student

» A graduate with no job

» A sit at home Mum/Dad

» A frustrated person who has tried several online business that failed

» A publisher who wants to make more money on amazon

» A person who wants to start an online business for the first time in life

» Or you are just  soemone who wants to start earning online from the comfort of home using just your smartphone


This SMARTPHONE TOP SECRET will work for you by showing you step-by-step how to start earning in dollars on amazon.

You're almost there 89%

Here Are The Few Steps To Publishing Your Books On Amazon 

Step 1: Properly format and get your book saved as Zip HTML for the ebook version. And for the paperback version, save it as a PDF. 

Step 2: Get your book cover for EBOOK, (download as JPG) and PAPERBACK, download as PDF. 

Having done this, the next step is to upload it on amazon.



  • Choose English as your language 
  • Add your book title 
  • Add subtitle 
  • Authors name 
  • Add your backend 7 keywords 
  • Add your book Description 
  • Upload your book 
  • Upload your book cover 
  • Set your price 
  • Publish and watch how your money flows in. 

Now, that’s not all.

There are 3 things that my students and I do that make our books rank top on amazon. I’m not supposed to be revealing them here. But I’ll still. 


Step 1: The first thing is our KEYWORD. This is what gives your book great visibility on Amazon.

Without this, no one will see your book. And when no one sees your book, no one is going to buy it. Meaning there’s no dime for you. And if you do it wrongly, Amazon will block your account. Yes. For this reason, I dedicated a full session to this. 

You see why this blueprint is a must-get for you if you want to succeed on Amazon. 

Step 2: The second one here is your book cover. I dedicated a full session to this as well.

Here’s the hack, your keywords help buyers on Amazon to quickly see your book at the top of amazon search results. While the job of your book cover is to give them a reason to check your book out. 

Look, in the publishing business, we judge a book by its cover. Yes. 

So your book cover must be attractive but at the same time simple. From my experience publishing on Amazon, simplicity sells. And in your being simple you must give them a reason to check your book out. And that takes me to my next point which is your BOOK DESCRIPTION. 

Step 3: Your BOOK DESCRIPTION.  After your keyword has given your book the visibility it deserves, your cover gives your audience/potential buyers a reason to check your book out…. The work is almost done. Almost. 

After checking your book out, the job of your book Description is to get them to buy your book. And that’s what you want. You want their dollars, so you must give them a reason to click the buy button. 

Your INTRO must be catchy and concise holding your potential buyer by the throat and dragging them down to see the body of your book description. 

You must give them at least 3 reasons why they should buy your book and forget about other books on amazon that can solve the same problem. 

If you do this wrongly, you’ll leave lots of money on the table. And for this reason, I’ve put lots of effort into designing the 4 structures your book description must carry in order to keep getting constant sales and not leave any money on the table. 

I dedicated a whole session to this book description, showing you how to win on Amazon with this book description. 

My Copywriting knowledge has helped me to craft compelling book descriptions that help me to close sales on Amazon. And you’ll be stealing that from me when you get this blueprint. 

You see why you need this blueprint. 

With these 3 things combined together, winning is guaranteed on Amazon. 


OTHER THINGS You’ll Be Learning In This Blueprint Include:

How to create an Amazon account 

How to create a US account using Payoneer or Geegpay and add it to Amazon.

How to link your Nigerian bank account to your US account. 

How to get your book contents for free without writing. 

How to properly format your book to the standard that Amazon wants. 

You’ll learn how to price your books to make your buyers always come back after buying once. 

How to design a super attractive book cover. 

You’ll learn how to create the kinds of books that sell fast.

You’ll learn how to do books in profitable Niches. 

How to add extra categories to your book.

✔ How to remove amazon’s 30% tax withholding rate and get 100% of your royalties fully paid into your account.

How to respond to Amazon’s threatening emails.

How to troubleshoot your book and account on Amazon in case you get any emails regarding that in the future. 

You can see I’ve gone ahead of you to prepare everything and make it easy for you. 

NOTE: because you won’t be writing a word here doesn’t mean you should upload nonsense on Amazon. They frown at low-quality books. Amazon has a standard you must maintain which is too simple that a 10yr old child can even understand and follow.

And That’s Not All. I Have Some AMAZING BONUSES Included In This Blueprint 👇


You’ll be learning how to use  Grammarly FREE account like a pro in checking for grammatical errors. This is worth $70/year

You’ll be getting access to my Canva PRO account for free by joining my team which is worth N15,000/year You’ll learn how use SPINBOT like a Pro to paraphrase your book content  $29/year Access to my KDP academy support group worth N120,000/year You’ll learn how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate your book content without writing a word. This one is the sweetest for me. And it’s worth N100,000/year You’ll get a chance to win my 10k monthly giveaway to my best new student of the month. Worth  N10,000/month Access to my personal swipes and templates worth N79,000/year You’ll get access to a premium website that I and my students use in getting ready-made summary books. Worth N63,990/year

TOTAL = N634,590 


But you won’t be paying anything close to that, not even half of it.

As a matter of fact, you won’t even be paying N300,000. Nothing like that.

And if I decide to allow you pay 100,000 Naira for this Blueprint, it won’t be bad. But I am not even collecting half of that from you.

My goal is to see you succeed and for that reason;

I will allow you get this Blueprint for a steal. 

But ONLY if you will be Registering on time. Yes, this PRICE will be for EARLY BIRDS ALONE.

If you click the REGISTER button now, instead of paying 30,000 Naira which was the initial fixed price, you will be paying just a token of 20,000 Naira.

NOTE: This price won’t be like this for a long time. I will be increasing it to 30,000 soon.

So click the REGISTER button to get it for 20,000 Naira & join my winning academy now.


Tap On Each Question To See The Answer

Not necessary. That’s the reason you now have this smartphone blueprint to enable you to enjoy this business without worrying about owning a laptop. 

Yes. It works on both android and iOS.

But works better on android.

Yes. You can use your NIN, voter’s card, driver’s license, or international passport.

Following my guide in this blueprint, you create a US account and add your Nigerian account to it. So as Amazon pays you to your US account, you change to Naira right there and move it to your Nigerian bank account. Could be Ecobank, UBA, Wema bank, etc. Any bank you use is acceptable. And hey, you don’t need Aboki or the Black market to exchange your dollars for naira. Cool, right? Yeah. 

NO. Capital NO.

After your registration, you won’t be paying any other money to me or amazon.

Your one-time registration fee is all you need to start and scale this business.

Yes of course. My support community is active on a daily basis. And that’s where I welcome all your questions and guide you where needed.

You’ll also be meeting and rubbing minds with my active high performing students.

This blueprint includes a package for book creation, not book writing.

We don’t go through the stressful old method of writing. We simply create, publish and earn.

Please get this right.

When creating your amazon account and US Bank account, you’re to use your real names and original details.

But when writing your books, you’re allowed to use different pen names even if you’ve been publishing with your real name before.

In fact, I recommend you use pen names especially if your names aren’t in English.

You’ll learn how to generate wonderful pen names in this blueprint.


All the modules in this blueprint contain steps to take in order to make consistent sales.

Remember, you get results by taking the right actions. And taking them repeatedly.

Now, I want you to take a good look at the picture below just for a second or more

At this time, this is the dollar exchange rate but the bank exchange rate is 1 USD = 446 NGN. Too poor and bad for your kdp business.

The circled exchange rate is the rate that I personally use and you’ll learn how to do that in this blueprint.

With this, you won’t be leaving a dime on the table.

You won’t need the black market.

Let’s say, for instance, you make just $100 on amazon in a month, going with the bank exchange rate, Here’show, much you will get;

100 USD x 446 NGN = 44,600 Naira

But, with my method, you’ll get;

100 USD x 721 NGN = 72,100 Naira

Now subtract N72,100 from N44,600

72,100 – 44,600 = 27,500.

When you withdraw your earnings through the bank, you will be losing 27,500 Naira when you earn $100 alone.

Imagine earning $2000 and withdrawing your earnings through the bank, you will be leaving loads of money on the table and that’s bad for your KDP business.

And the good thing is, once you have this dollar account, you can use it to receive dollars from anywhere in the world, not only from KDP.

You love my method, right? Yea. I know.

That’s part of the things you will be learning if you REGISTER before the clock goes down.


Amazon Kdp Accelerator Blueprint For All Smartphones

Take a good look at the picture above. Having done that, make your choice.


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