This Simplified Course reveals:

Step-By-Step How To Master Facebook Ads In Just 4 Weeks, Save A Whopping #80,000 Per Month, And Make Additional 200k-300k Income From Clients

Note: Exclusively Made For Affiliate Marketers Who Desire To Smash Any Sales Challenge With Low Ad Spend

Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)
Zoom in to view details. Pay attention to the cost per result
Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)
This Practically means that with just #23,000, a newbie Affiliate Marketer can get over 800 leads in 4 days after learning the secret sauce from the SIMFAC



Grab the Cheapest Skill Ever, Now! 

And Save #80,000 Per Month 

After the first 100 persons, the price will go back to #30,000

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Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)

Super Nonnik


I didn’t sleep well for 1 week in January 2020 because of one of the costliest mistakes I ever made online in recent times. I was so excited that I bought an Ecom course for N25,000 that I quickly rushed through it thinking that I was ready to start making millions online. I was wrong! Very wrong!

I mistakenly launched a traffic campaign using the free $10 coupon facebook gave me as someone that connected his Naira bank account to Paypal which was linked to facebook. I made this horrible mistake on the 26th of November, 2019. The ad continued running because it was a postpaid ad account till January 18th when I received a transfer of 1 million Naira into the bank account linked to paypal; which notified Facebook Immediately. Ignorance is not an excuse before the law.

I cried like a baby then but I learned my lessons the hard way: Master A Course Before Practising! After my ordeal, I decided to bend down and study my course before any other thing.

The moral of this story is: Do not be in a haste to implement. I want to save you from making this huge and horrible mistake that can get your facebook account restricted permanently.

Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)
I was just promoting one link like that. Check out the date.

I created SIMFAC as a guide that will help you smash those sales challenges scattered all over the affiliate marketing platforms, and also create a great career from it if you choose to make it one. Personally, it has become a great skill which has made me a good amount of money.

Introducing Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)

Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)

Simply simplified for YOU to understand and master in just 4 weeks to rake in $$$.

Have you been swindled by some facebook experts? You paid a huge sum of money yet your ad didn’t convert! This is an opportunity for you to pocket this almost-free skill capable of changing your affiliate marketing trajectory.
Have you given up on Facebook because of incessant account restrictions? This course has proffered solutions to it. One of the solutions is to master this course,and the other is; create alternatives. So, worry no more because with SIMFAC you’d make more income.

Why do you need this?

1. To generate more buying leads to your affiliate marketing link.
2. To become more proficient in this new skill.
3. To make huge additional incomes weekly.
4. To save cost; that huge money you pay advertisers weekly.


Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)
Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)

Is it wrong to?

  • Have a daily source of income aside your main hustle?
  • Have a steady source of massive traffic wholly manned by you?
  • Have a way of earning money without convincing anyone at all?

Every good Facebook advertiser looks out for the way to maximise his ad budget through reduction of cost per result (CPL); cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) and increase in click-through rate like in the two screenshots below. The strategy is what you will learn from this course

Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)
Zoom in to view. Pay attention to the CPM and CTR

What is the Most Interesting Part of SIMFAC?

Networking with me whenever you need a professional touch in your ad through our Telegram and Whatsapp channels. In these groups, you will have access to other people’s experiences and ask questions whenever you are not clear about the next step to take. I have in mind to grow this community to the level of giving out major jobs to the ones who are dedicatedly engaged in improving themselves in facebook ads. All you have to do is to join the communities either on Whatsapp or Telegram after purchasing this course.

What is SIMFAC?

In a very clear term, it is a course that simplified Meta ads. This shows the student how to run facebook and Instagram ads simultaneously.
It is where a student will in weeks, learn how to combine different components of Meta ads to get winning ads 80% of the time. It is where a student learns by default how to avoid Mark Zuckerberg’s hammer all the time by observing and keeping all the ad policies.

Here is what people have to say about me and my services

“Sir, I am very grateful for having you mentor me in Facebook ads. Did you know that I used only N22,500 to generate 13 sales and won two DPC sales challenges? I raked in 10x of my ad spend in 7 days. Thank you sir.”
Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)
Nurse Keji Eni
“OMG! I am literally blown away right now. Sir, thank you so much for your assistance. I was in a sales drought since I registered as an affiliate market. Immediately I came in contact with you, the story changed. I can now boast of making 5 sales per week as a total newbie. I hope to improve with time.”
Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)
Leslei Eunice
“What I am enjoying from you minus the ad is your follow-up in spite of your busy schedules. Not everyone will do this!”
Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)
“A Facebook advertisement consultant!! I've paid thousands on other ads but there are no ads that come close to what Nonnik will do. I've learned many things that nobody teaches and makes a difference because he knows how the algorithm works. He's clear and he had new lessons from the feedback of his clients The kind of follow up you do always amaze me. I recommend anyone who wants to get a conversion lead should get into it from Sir Nonnik.”
Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)
Closing 5 sales of a 20k course in minutes after my whatsapp class made me lose the appropriate word to use and thank you. It simply means that if I double the number of leads per day, the number of sales would increase astronomically. Thank you, Nonnik!.
Simplified Facebook Ad course (SIMFAC)
Afoma Miracle


SIMFAC’S most unique and outstanding technique is the ability to always tweak your landing page creatives, especially changing the sites’ name anytime. It is the sweetest way of running a winning ad for a very long time.
You can change your group link or DM link anytime you want.


For example:

You want to fill 5 different whatsapp groups in 5 days. Simply create the links, and embed one after another in your site until you achieve your goal. You can do this 1000 times a day


Meta advertising is a huge skill to be reckoned with.
Anyone who wishes to have a good skill should purchase this course immediately. The reason is because of its simplicity; and also clients to work for abound.

  •  Students
  • Sit-at home parents
  • Teenagers
  • Jobless Graduates
I have actually helped top affiliates to hit their target sales in record time. These secrets are what you’d be learning directly from me with the shikini money.
Congratulations in advance, and
See you in the SIMFAC community for more interactions.

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