New Method Finally Revealed

New Method Finally Revealed

Step-By-Step: How To Earn €500-€2000 Monthly From Apple Books With Just Your Smartphone And Secondary School Knowledge.

I was surprised to find out that Students, School Drop Outs, stay at home Mums, Graduate and people with zero internet skills and knowledge are using this method

I will be Revealing to you What they did, How they did it, and give you the Step By Step Guide of what to do to make your first €500 – €2000 online.

I know that by now, you must be wondering how Apple Publishing works. watch the video below I explained and showed you everything



This is your last chance to get access to This Community Of People Who uses their phones as dollar ATMs

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  • You don't need any type of degree or certification
  • You don’t need to have any knowledge of writing
  • And you can start making Upto 100k - 500k Monthly from home

Have you heard of Amazon KDP or Kobo Writing Life? well, they are not the only site to publish your ebooks

With publishing rules getting more strict and difficult to follow, most of us are now looking for alternative platforms that are friendly to Nigerians and Africa as a whole

With AB Publishing for all Devices, I will reveal to you a secret platform that will take your book and submit it to 40 different sites. while you sit and make the money.

You will learn the secret best method to publishing your ebooks on Apple Book Store on all devices. (Android, Iphone, PC & MacBook) users.

I am Raphael Ugo, A digital marketer and a sales expert.

Creator – Apple Books Publishing for all Devices..

Before we start, let me blow your mind. 100% of the things I did in this course was with my smartphone (Android and Iphone) so have in mind that you don’t necessarily need a laptop.

These are the only 3 things you will ever need..

  • Your Smartphone to start (Android or iPhone)
  • Your regular Data connection to browse the web..
  • Your Time. Yes, you need time to implement what you learnt.


  • iBooks Publishing for all Devices
  • Google adverts full course
  • Affiliate Marketing Breakdown
  • Landing Page/Funnel Building
  • Web Design & E-commerce Setup
  • Create a USD Bank Accounts & Cards

Now lets scroll down to Read the full breakdown of what DMI for all devices is all about..

How Apple Books For Authors Will Make You $2000

The same way you are here looking for ways to make money online using just your smartphone without leaving your bedroom, was the same way I did.

Knowing fully well that am actually lazy in some ways and I hate physical works that involves me waking up to leave my house just to make money.

I searched for several online business which doesn't involve me referring people or bringing people under me before I make money online, and also a business that doesn't need me to show myself on social media or convince anyone to buy due to the fact that am a bit shy and introverted,

I also hate running adverts and posting links and pictures on social medias, so I figured out that this is the perfect online business opportunity I've been looking for and decided to give it a try.

In Just few Weeks of trying it, I realized I've made over $100 just by doing nothing other than a little research with copy and paste. This Money was sent straight to my bank account

What Is Apple Books For Authors

Apple books don’t need an introduction as we all know apple devices like our iPhone, ipods, MacBook, iwatch, and so on.

The same way Jeff bezoz owns Amazon in which we use the KDP to publish our books.

Is the same way Apple owns Apple Books books for authors, before we go on, let's take a look at this graph below that shows how Apple books compare to its closest rivals.

Apart from google books which is unavailable in Nigeria and etsy which requires you to pay a price when listing your book.

Apple books alone with close to 490m visitors monthly has greater audience than the rest of kobo, Barnes, gumroad, etc combined.

This shows you the potential of ibooks publishing for all devices. Apart from that, do you know that you can accept payment in either usd, euro or gbp.

1EURO is at N950 while 1GBP is at N1000, now imaging just getting credited 50 of those or hundred of those per month, that’s about N100k in a month. 

Take a look at this table to see how Apple compares to Amazon.

Previously, before you can publish you book on Apple books, you need to own a MacBook, or a PC.

But I made some diggings and through trial and error, I discovered a method for us to use our smartphone ( Android and IPhone) to publish our ebooks to Apple.

Have this in mind, you won’t see this tutorial anywhere on the internet. As of the time I created this course, I'm the first person to ever discover this secret method.

And I'm now teaching you so that you will start dominating the apple store just as we did with Amazon kdp.

Any tutorial you will see, came at a later date and that person is probably my student. So just know that you are learning from the first right source and the best of the best. It’s A Guarantee..

Here is a screenshot of my first withdrawal of 20EURO to verify if we can actually withdraw the money. 

with an exchange rate of 1EURO = N968.52, I received N19,143.39 straight to my Kuda Bank Account

How Will A Free N20,000 Weekly Improve your life ?

Some facts about Apple books and it’s shoppers.

  1. 1
    They are young audience who enjoy shopping ebooks with their smartphone.
  2. 2
    Since they use apple device which are pricey,  they are rich. They don’t mind buying expensive ebooks.
  3. 3
    Here in nigeria, we all know that majority of people using iPhone or MacBook are beyond average in terms of money. Am talking of iPhone x and above..
  4. 4
    Apple doesn’t ban account frequently as Amazon does.
  5. 5
    You don’t need to be a writer to use Apple books. I will teach you how to write and publish without lifting a pen. Yes, how to write and publish on ibooks for free without paying a dime..

My Students Made All These Amounts In Less Than A Month As Complete Beginners

Dennis has made over $73 in pure profit, in less than a month. And he has zero internet skills

Athanasius Checked his dashboard after 1 week, only to find out that he has done over $40 in a week

Chime is also making upto $47 weekly. Which is about $200+ monthly, using just his smartphone

My Student who made 2 sales worth over $8 in less than 48hrs of publishing on Apple

below Are What You Will Be Learning/Getting Access To If You Start Today

  • How to create and approve your Apple books account.
  • Ebook success guide and miscellaneous.
  • How to research hot selling books that sells under 24hrs
  • How to publish Trends model, Evergreen model, & Summary models.
  • How to design a professional book cover using Canva
  • How to use the upload portal to publish your books.
  • How to Use the page portal to create a fresh book.
  • How to update a book incase you missed something & how to delete a book.

Incase You Have These Questions (FAQ) Click To View Answers

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This is your last chance to get access to This Community Of People Who uses their phones as dollar ATMs

25,000 Discount

₦20,000 goes up in 3 Days


You missed out!


NOTE; Apple Books Publishing for all Devices By Raphael Ugo is a course on Publishing, These bonuses are just to help you thrive in this modern society. 



These 2 platforms, Are Called An Aggregator. Give them your book and the will helps you sell your books on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Google books, Barnes, Nobles and 40 more sites.

Even if you have been Banned On Amazon Kdp, you can sell your books on Amazon using this Special Platform..

If you try to create an account on this Special Platform without following the guidelines I will be showing you in this DMI course, you are 90% guaranteed to lose the account. So make sure to do what I'm about to show you.

  • Create a Streetlib Account
  • Publish Books on Streetlib
  • Create a Xinxii Account
  • Publish Books on Xinxii
  • Scaling Your Books to $5000



As someone who does online business, you're expected to have several bank accounts in foreign currencies

I've put together a step by step guide on how to create bank account that accepts dollars, Euros, Pounds + Domiciliary Accounts. 

Also how to obtain their respective ATM Master and Visa cards with ease

  • Verified PayDay Account
  • Verified GeegPay Account
  • Verified Grey Account
  • Verified Chipper Account
  • Verified Paystack Account
  • Verified Domiciliary Account
  • Obtain All Their ATM Cards



Before I created the Apple Books Publishing Course, I was an affiliate marketer. and I've been able to make over $1000 in a month.

As a bonus, I will share my experience as an affiliate marketer to teach you how to earn upto $1000 monthly as a complete beginner.

Below are what you'll be getting from this section. 

  • What's Affiliate marketing
  • Positioning
  • Traffic Generation
  • Handling Objections
  • Sales closing



If you've been looking forward to creating a website but don't know how, or don't have the money to do so, cheers...

I have some good news for you. I've gathered the best methods that only requires your phone and are completely free. 

You don't need any skills and my step by step guide is done with smartphone for you

  • Create a Taplink Website
  • Create a Disha Website
  • Create a Card Website
  • Create a Wordpress Website

This bonuses are available , only if you Get Started today.


This is your last chance to get access to This Community Of People Who uses their phones as dollar ATMs

25,000 Discount

₦20,000 goes up in 3days

If You Don't Start Today, You Won’t Get All These Bonuses. And Once The Countdown Time Hits Zero, The Price Will Go Back To Its Original Sales Value.


You missed out!

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