Let's make your Affiliate marketing journey more lucrative as a beginner

As someone starting out to make money online, you need a proper easy guide on how to successfully sell your affiliate products.

And you also need a transparent system to work like Offcamp Affiliate platform, which has high value digital products available to you as an Affiliate, FOR FREE.

In addition, you need some high digital skills and some Apps to make your journey as an affiliate more lucrative and giving.

The Affiliate Beginners Course (ABC) has all these in place for you as it offers to you many goodies when you enroll as a student.

First, you'll not be paying N40,000 for this training today. You'll rather get it for a huge discount price of N10,000 ONLY.

You pay 10k today instead of 40k!

Second is that you'll be getting a FREE Affiliate Account with Offcamp. This means you're not paying again after paying 10,000 Naira for the Affiliate Beginners Course(ABC)

Third is that I'll be giving you my 19 eBooks on internet marketing FOR FREE. This eBook, I sell them for N10,000. But you'll have them for free today.

Fourth is that I'll be giving you my course on how to design a sales page using WordPress and Elementor page builder FOR FREE.

I sell this for N25,000 but you will be having access to it FOR FREE today.

Fifth is that I'll be giving you my course on how to place your products on Google be it physical product or digital products, FOR FREE.

This will help you learn how to reach out to your potential buyers on Google including YouTube, Display and search Ads.

This worth N50,000 but you will be having access to it FOR FREE today.

One interesting thing you'll enjoy as an Affiliate Beginners Course student is our 9days follow up coaching. This will be the 6th benefit you'll be having here.

Here, I'll be sending you task you should complete every day. This start from the day you gain access to this course.

These tasks will be the summary of the course. You can't find this anywhere else as the ABC Course is the only beginner friendly training that will give you all these.

7th is the WhatsApp Automation App called Autoresponder:

I'll be giving you this app for free to make your marketing less stressful. As seen in the below image, I once tried to pay for this on Playstore and the charge was 22,500 instead of the 15,500 I've already calculated to pay FOR ONE YEAR ACCESS oh. You can see the year, 2022.

I wouldn't want you as a beginner to pay for stuffs like this yearly when I've gotten it by konja konja for lifetime access. Lol.. You understand nah...

If you like, go try download and setup, they will ask you to pay. Lol!

So as a beginner, I don't know where you wan carry yourself dey go now after seeing all these?

This course was not called the Affiliate Beginners Course(ABC) for nothing. I had you in mind while creating it and as a beginner, no other course can be beginner friendly as this.

October 2021 was the day I decided to change my life by learning about Affiliate marketing, in less than 12months, I already earned 12 million naira.

Today's your own turn. May God help you to decide better.

Cheers to a financial free life.


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