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What are offcamp Affiliate levels?

Offcamp level is based on your affiliate performance. That is your No of Referral and No of Sales can earn you a level 2 status on offcamp, and this new level helps you to earn more. 

Level 1


This is where everything starts. When you create an affiliate account on Offcamp, you’re automatically ranked on Level 1. 

To more to Next Level. We encourage you to refer new affiliates to offcamp or make some sales.

What to benefit as Level 1 affiliate

As a Level 1 affiliate, you earn as an affiliate and all your commission will be paid into your bank account every Friday. But you won’t earn commission from your subaffiliate sales. Only Level 2 affiliate can earn commission from your subaffiliate and this is how to move to Level 2

Level 2


To reach Level 2 status, you need to meet the following easy Challenges:

  • Be active on our Telegram community. Join Now
  • Complete at least 10 sales or Refer at least 100 new affiliates to offcamp using your affiliate link(pick any of these tasks and you will be automatically promoted to level 2) read more here

What to benefit as Level 2 affiliate

  • You will get everything in Level 1
  • You will start earning any time your downline makes sales. Read more here
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