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How Does Offcamp Sub Affiliate Program work and How to Earn from it?

Offcamp Subaffiliate Program is another way you can earn as an affiliate on offcamp. It’s the chance to earn 100% passive income daily/weekly/monthly without lifting a finger or touching your phone! How does it work? This is for those who are already selling, when your student(sub-affiliate) sells, you earn some commission for EVERY of their sale.

The reason why we introduce a sub-affiliate program is to reward Top- affiliates, Mentors and Coaches who are ready to dedicate their time to train other new affiliates to be like them… Now, Once your sub-affiliate who registered under you makes any sales. You too will get some commission. So, There’s no leaving anyone to themselves or leaving anyone behind.

So, any affiliate that registered under your on Offcamp.com is automatically your sub-affiliate.. Your duty is, to give them support, and mentorship because as they are earning, you too also earn..

Once your subaffiliate makes any successful sale they get their commission, and you too will also get a commission from offcamp. 

Refer, Mentor, and Earn.
To get an affiliate under your sub-affiliate Matrix just promote offcamp product using your Affiliate link.

How Does Sub Affiliate System Work?

First, you need to register on offcamp as an affiliate. Then, Go to the product dashboard to copy your Referral link. read more

To see all affiliates who registered through your referral link,
Click on Sub affiliate Dashboard.

How much will offcamp pay me any time my subaffiliate makes a successful sale?

Offcamp pays you from their own profit they make from each vendor. That is you are getting some percentage from our profit on every successful sale. Currently, offcamp takes as low as 10% as a commission on every sale. 

That is you are getting 5% of this commission. 

We share our commission with you for helping us to grow our affiliate community.

On Offcamp, we charge 10% like every other platform on every successful sale.
Let’s say a Product is N50,000 and the vendor/owner of this product sets the commission to 50%.
When a sale occurs by an affiliate. The affiliate automatically gets 50%(N25,000) as commission as his or her commission.
Offcamp gets 10% as sales charges. While the remaining goes to The vendor/owners of the Digital product.
Next, our system will automatically split this 10% charge with you and you get half of it, in this case, you are getting N2,500 for each successful sale your sub-affiliate makes. 

Let’s look at this from a bigger view.

Let’s say you refer and has 5,000 sub-affiliates who are on your downline. And all this affiliate are promoting a crypto course that worth N50,000

Week 1: 10 of your sub-affiliates make 1 sale each. You earn 10*2500 = N25,000

Week 2: 20 of your sub-affiliates make 1 sale each. You earn 20*2500 = N50,000

week 3: 50 of your sub-affiliates make 1 sale each. You earn 50*2500 = N125,000

week 4: 30 of your sub-affiliates make 2 sale each. You earn 60*2500 = N150,000

Week 5: 120 of your sub-affiliates make 2 sales each. You earn 240*2500 = N600,000

week 6: 40 of your sub-affiliates make 5 sale each . You earn 200*2500 = N500,000

week 7: 60 of your sub-affiliates make 10 sales each. You earn 600*2500 = N1,500,000

And so on ……………….

And this continues for life.

Your work is just to Refer, Coach and encourage your subaffiliate to earn more.

We will keep paying you for this kind gesture for life.

How will I know when my Sub Affiliate makes sales?

You can see every sale through the sales history dashboard. Just go to the sales history dashboard, any sales that come in from your sub-affiliate will carry a sub-affiliate including the name of your sub-affiliate and the amount you earned. All earnings will be credited to you automatically. 

How Can I grow my sub-affiliate to over 1000 sub-affiliate and How many sub-affiliate is enough?

You can grow your sub-affiliate by sharing your referral link and no amount of sub-affiliate is enough. We encourage you, to refer to as many as possible. Read more on how to increase your sub-affiliate

What are The Benefits of the Sub Affiliates’ system of earning?

  1. For the affiliate community: It helps to build an army of affiliate marketing community in Nigeria by encouraging Top affiliate to share Knowledge “free” because you know that once your sub-affiliate start making sales you too will also get paid. 
  2. For you: This system will help you to keep earning even when you retired from affiliate marketing. 

How can I contact affiliate that register under me?

Maybe your sub-affiliates are not earning enough and you want them to start earning. or maybe you want to host a webinar or Twitter space or Free ebook. On the offcamp sub-affiliate system, anyone that registered under you through your referral link. You can send an email to your sub-affiliate and invite them to your program.

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