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How to Get your affiliate link on offcamp

An affiliate link is a special link that tracks when someone purchases a product you are promoting. A commission will be shared between you and the owner(vendor).

An affiliate link is unique to each affiliate. Usually, affiliates share their affiliate link on their site / social media/email promotions. When a purchase is made. You will receive an email notifying you someone has purchased through your affiliate link and earned commission will automatically reflect on your dashboard. Which will be paid to you every Friday of every week.

How to generate Your Affiliate Links

Step 1: Go to your Affiliate Dashboard

You must log in to your affiliate Dashboard to see this page. Login> My portal > Affiliate Dashboard

Step 2: Go to the Product List

Next, once you are on your affiliate dashboard. Next is to go to products. Here you will find the list of all products available to promote on Offcamp and the price of the product with the Rewards (commission) to earn when you make any successful sale.

Step 3: Copy the Affiliate link of the Product you want to promote

Pick a product and click Get Affiliate Link a small square box will pop up carrying your affiliate link of the product you want to market. Copy it, then start promoting that product using your affiliate link.

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