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How Does offcamp Referral works

With the offcamp Referral program, you can earn a commission for yourself when someone you referred makes any sales.

First, note that the offcamp referral link is different from your affiliate link. With your referral link, you can invite your friends to Join offcamp as an affiliate.

Here are some benefits you will get when you invite friends and new affiliates to join offcamp using your referral link

1. Your friend will be under you as subaffiliate

2. offcamp pays you anytime your subaffiliate makes a sale. For full details, read more.

How to Get your offcamp Referral Link:

  1. Once logged in, click on Affiliate dashboard and then click on Referral Link
  2. Copy your referral link and start sharing it on different social media platforms

To track the number of referrals you have referred, also known as subaffiliate. Go to the subaffiliate Dashboard, this page will show you all affiliates you referred that are under you and some other details like percentage to earn any time they make a successful sale.

Make sure your friends sign up using your referral link. The referral won’t work if they sign up without using the link

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