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How To Setup an Affiliate Account on Offcamp

❤️ Offcamp is a great place for you to make some side income, even if you’re not actively creating your products. 

💵As an affiliate on offcamp, you can promote the work of other creators and get paid. Here’s how!

Step I: Create an offcamp account

👉Click on Become an Affiliate and create an account. We’ll send you an email to verify the account – make sure you verify it through the link in that email. 

Step 2: Go to the Affiliate portal

👉Go to http://www.offcamp.com/affiliate-portal/ and click on Bank Details at the right corner of your screen to set up your payout information. Enter Your Bank Name, Your Name, and Bank Account Number and then click SAVE Changes

Bank: UBA

Name: Mohammed Emeka Tobi

Bank Account Number: 1234567890

Set 3: Referral Link

👉Your referral link is not your product affiliate link. But this is a link to use any time you want to refer friends to register as an affiliate on Offcamp. To copy your affiliate link click on Referral link

Step 4: List of Product and Commission

👉This is where you will see listed products, commissions, and affiliate links for each product. First click on the products link – you’ll see all of the listed products, the commission, and your affiliate link for the product. you can quickly copy your links by clicking on Get Affiliate Link

Step 5: Earning Report

👉To see the amount you have earned click on Dashboard but To see your earning History click on Sales History

Step 5: Traffic Logs

👉Offcamp comes with a Supper technology that tracks all click and provides it as a report. You can see who click your Affiliate link, which platform, device, Time, and which of your affiliate link was clicked. To see Traffic History, click on Traffic Logs

That’s all! Once you have your affiliate links, you can make sales as an affiliate and get credited for it. Just share those links however you wish

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