How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money In Nigeria

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money In Nigeria

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Have you ever wondered about starting affiliate marketing in Nigeria but felt held back because you must have heard it’s capital intensive? Well, you are not alone in this.

Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for those who are willing to make money, Especially in Today’s Nigeria’s tough economy.

If you are looking for a way to start affiliate marketing without money, then I am happy to let you know that your search is over. We’ve put together a guide on “How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money in Nigeria” to assist you in getting started with affiliate marketing, even if you don’t have any money to invest.

A major issue faced by new affiliate marketers is the starting capital, especially when it comes to website hosting, Marketing, and other necessities when starting the affiliate marketing. There has always been a way to promote affiliate products without investing any dime while making money in return.

Continue reading and don’t skip any part of this article and find out how you can make passive income through affiliate marketing without any inital startup capital. As we are about to cover everything, you need to know.

Concept of Affiliate Marketing

Assume it in a very simple line —Join, Promote, Profit. Does it sound so easy? Well, to some readers, it might sound simple, while to some, it looks like solving a puzzle, but whichever the case might be, we are here to break everything down.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Generally, affiliate marketing is just selling other people’s products, and you do not own this product in most cases; you don’t get the opportunity to see this product, especially when it is a digital product.

Types Of Products

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a commission by promoting two types of products.

  1. Physical Products:  These are products you can touch and feel. Ex: Clothing, electronics, cars, and furniture.
  2. Digital Products: These are products that only exist in digital form. Ex: software, e-books, music files, and online courses.

Now you are familiar with the two kinds of products you can promote and earn money, let’s go into how this process works.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money In Nigeria

1. Sign Up For An Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing schemes are essentially systems of referral. These are enacted when a corporate entity or brand collaborates with individuals known as affiliate marketers. Among them are influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, Etc. These categories of people enter an agreed relationship to endorse a certain product or brand. In the event of a successful sale stemming from their promotional effort, they are granted a sum as a commission. 

Joining an affiliate network or program doesn’t require much time; a form that establishes a direct and transparent partnership will need to be completed by you. In most circumstances, your application stands to be reviewed by the company or brand. Before its approval, they took their time. Once approval has been given, readiness to proceed is endowed upon you.

2. Promote An Affiliate Link

When you sign up for an affiliate program, you’ll get a special link, your affiliate link. You need to share this link on your social media so people can click on it and buy the product. 

Usually, affiliates help out customers with product questions because they know a lot about the product they’re selling. 

Affiliates undertake product promotion by preparing in-depth YouTube videos about the items and also by posting quality content regarding the product. The goal is to get potential customers to notice these and buy the product, and this way, the affiliate gets a commission or a kind of ‘thank you’ payment.  

3. When Someone Buys, You Get Paid

Before you embark on promoting any product of your choice, there are steps you need to follow; these steps depend on the strategy you plan to use. The one that works better, considering you want to start affiliate marketing with no money in Nigeria, are as follows:

  1. Develop a content concept (either video content or a blog post) focusing on a product review of the item you are advertising.
  2. Share the content among your followers or readers.
  3. Your followers read the content or watch the video.
  4. They get convinced and purchase your product using your affiliate link.
  5. You get a commission for every successful sale made.

Every affiliate program comes with its guidelines, rules, and the percentage it will pay (Commission). So before joining any affiliate program, you will be notified of how much percentage you are getting for every successful sale made. Going through this step, you can tell it’s simple- if you are able to create quality content ideas that convert sales, you are sure of making enough money from the affiliate program or brands.

Should I Start Affiliate Marketing

The simple answer to this is Yes, due to its low-risk nature, high earning potential, and great flexibility. Starting affiliate marketing presents opportunities for generating passive income, particularly when strategic moves attract organic website or page visitors.

Minimal Initial Cost: Going into the affiliate marketing industry, understand that it requires no hefty budget. No upfront investments or hidden expenses, just your time and dedication.

Promising Returns: Affiliate Marketing is a system to drive sales to business owners through their affiliates while also generating a good amount of money for affiliates. In the United States, there was a rise from $5.4 billion in 2017 to $8.2 billion in 2022. This trend alone shows there are plenty of opportunities for anyone who wants to earn money by becoming an affiliate marketer.

Unequaled Inflexibility: The primary tools one needs to succeed in affiliate marketing are a social media presence & an effective communication strategy. Meaning that you don’t need to dress and work from an office space. However, you are good to go from any corner of the world If you have an internet connection.

Endless Opportunities: More than 70% of brands worldwide use affiliate programs to grow their reach and get more organic traffic. Affiliates make good content to show off their products and brands on blogs and YouTube, which increases their natural reach. So, there are endless possibilities with affiliate marketing.

Think about it as your roadmap to achieving your affiliate marketing objectives in Nigeria.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money In Nigeria

Starting an affiliate marketing journey doesn’t need massive investment. Whether you’re an influencer, a blogger, a YouTuber, a normal individual who’s active on social media, or even someone with creativity and spare time, you are one step toward becoming an affiliate marketer. 

 Here’s how someone can get started in affiliate marketing without needing any money upfront.

Step 1. Research and Choose Your Niche

Every successful affiliate marketer knows – that picking the right niche is half the battle won! But what exactly is a ‘niche,’ and how can you choose one? It’s a word tossed around a lot in the digital marketing realm, but it doesn’t have to intimidate you. Let’s break it down step by step so you can easily understsnd better.

What is a Niche

In the field of affiliate marketing, A niche is a specific segment within a larger market. Start a niche-based affiliate marketing, something your potential customers are willing to spend their money on.

Finding the right affiliate niche is one of the important steps you need to keep in mind in other to build a successful affiliate marketing business. Below are 4 steps you need to take into consideration in other to find an affiliate niche: 

Identify Your Passions and Interests: This is usually the starting point, as it’s easier to promote and talk about something you are genuinely interested in. Prepare a list of things you are keen to learn more about. The key point here is going with an affiliate niche that aligns with your passion and interest gives you the power to market any product naturally like you own that particular product. 

Research Potential Niches:

  1. Time to research and explore potential niches.
  2. You can use tools like Google Trends and SEMrush to find out what people are currently searching for. Also, you can keep an eye on social media through which you can find out what people are also talking about.
  3. Keep an eye out for fresh trends, hot-off-the-press products, or buzzing industries, circling back to our mentioned aspirations from step one.

This step is geared towards syncing your passions with a niche that’s not just profitable but also practical. Follow the next steps on how to start affiliate marketing with no money in Nigeria. 

Analyze Competition: So, having other people in the same niche as you is a plus; it signifies that your competitors are also doing the same thing. But don’t forget, if the competition is high, breaking into the market could also be on the high side.

How do you understand your competitors or know what they are up to? It’s easy – check out websites like Amazon, ClickBank, or other affiliate networks specific to your niche. 

Here’s your move: see how packed your potential niche is by noting the number of products and how tough the affiliate competition is. Be smart about this, and you’re on the path to staking your claim in the affiliate marketing scene, and all without spending a penny!  

Determine Profitability: At the end of the day, you should check how profitable your selected niche line-up can be. Find out if the items in this genre give a nice chunk of change as a commission and if they’re hot sellers. Hunt for affiliate programs that are known for converting visitors into buyers – it just boosts your odds of making serious cash from your hustle.

Recall finding an affiliate niche is mainly about balancing your hobbies/passions with exactly what the industry wants.

Finding a lucrative, interesting, and sustainable affiliate marketing niche takes research and a bit of ‘trial and error.’ Do not hurry the journey; take your time. Spend the time needed to make a considered decision because it is crucial for your success in affiliate marketing.

Here are some hot niches to consider:

  • ✅ Technology:  website hosting, VPNs, video games, and protecting yourself on the internet.
  • ✅ Fitness: working out from Home, yoga, hiking and workout equipment.
  • ✅ Living at Home:  pets, designing your house, managing home stuff, children welfare, indoor plant life, and other things.
  • ✅ Lifestyle: Learning, living with much fewer products, and being eco-friendly.
  • ✅ Fashion & Beauty: makeup guides, seasonal outfit ideas, beauty products, and accessories.
  • ✅ Hobbies:  playing music, travelling, cooking at Home, DIY projects, taking photos and modern art.
  • Health: personal care, mental health, delaying ageing, and eating healthy foods.

And keep in mind – if you find an excellent niche that interests you or solves an issue that you have – you can start doing affiliate marketing in Nigeria. You will not invest any cash.

Step 2: Choose an Affiliate Network/Program

Once you have chosen your niche which fits your expertise and interests, you can begin affiliate marketing. Then, choose an affiliate platform from which you can promote products associated with your niche. Look into various affiliate programs and pick out the one which appeals to you.

List Of Affiliate Programs

  • ✅ Jumia: An internet marketplace in Nigeria where an affiliate earns money by selling physical products.
  •  Konga: Another Nigerian e-commerce platform. Affiliates can earn money by promoting and marketing their wide range of products.
  • ✅ TravelStart: A service providing travel offers and packages. Affiliates earn a commission for every booking made via their referral.
  • ✅ Expertnaire: A Nigeria Affiliate platform that helps connect creators and affiliate
  • ✅ DigistemA digital marketing platform in Nigeria where you can earn money promoting other people’s products.
  •  OffCampa robust but simple e-commerce platform. The #1 choice for selling digital products, eBooks, courses, and downloadable. You can earn money by joining its affiliate program.
  • ✅ StakeCut: Affiliate network which focuses on high-conversion products on the Internet.
  • ✅ Web4Africa: Offers digital solutions like domain registration and hosting. Affiliate marketers earn on client referrals.
  • ✅ WhoGoHost: web hosting and domain services, providing handsome commissions to affiliate marketers.
  • ✅ Bet9ja: A betting website in Nigeria which pays affiliates a portion of the profit from referred users.
  •  ClickBank: A worldwide platform with a huge selection of digital products for affiliates to advertise.
  • ✅ Amazon Associates: The program helps content creators, publishers, and bloggers monetize their traffic.
  •  JVZoo: Offers digital products such as software, e-books and courses with a commission to affiliate marketers.
  •  eBay Partner Network: It has a wide range of different products, and affiliates get a commission for every sale.

Some brands conduct one-on-one work with their affiliates. But many of them join an affiliate network. These networks pull together products from several brands and store them in a database. It’s like a shopping mall for affiliates. You hit the digital aisles, pick the products you dig or think would work for your audience, and get your affiliate marketing humming along.

Finding The Right Affiliate Programs

If you’re a lone wolf type of guy who wants to jump-start affiliate marketing under your terms-indie style, you must find the program yourself. The easiest way? Search engines. And you type in “[product] affiliate program” and voila, your niche site with an affiliate program.

Everywhere you look, there are lists of affiliate programs – click one.

Some affiliate programs pay-per-click, some pay per-lead, and some per sale. Not sure of the terms? Learn about affiliate lingo here. Compare the programs, weigh the pros and cons, and jump on board the affiliate marketing bandwagon-and here’s the good stuff: You don’t cough up a dime.

Mix Up Your Merchants:  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spreading out your promotions across different merchants keeps things fresh.

Pick Programs with Fair Commissions: Sure, high commissions might sound like a cash burst, but sometimes those products could be slow sellers. Go for programs that offer a fair deal: the right balance of decent commissions and strong sales. After all, a piece of something is better than a big chunk of nothing!  

Keep Your Audience In Mind: Always consider what pitches right to your readers. If your audience digs it, promote it!

Promote What You’re Passionate About: With the offcamp affiliate program, you’ve got a whopping selection of over 50 products you can start marketing. 

Stay in Your Lane: Go with products that snugly fit your niche – it’ll feel more natural and authentic to your readers. 

Step 3. Craft Killer Content

You have to produce high-end, SEO-friendly content to get people to your blog, shiny Instagram posts, YouTube videos, or site. Pack your content with your affiliate deal in a creative, convincing way, and use great content as bait to get sales from your audience.

From A to Z of Content Optimization

  • 1. Dive into SEO: Want to dip a toe in the affiliate marketing pool? You bet SEO is your lifeline. Whether you are writing articles, stirring up Facebook communities, stopping the scroll on Instagram, or directing a YouTube series, SEO’s your ticket to a traffic jam on your platform.
  • Have you started affiliate marketing? Go keyword-hunting before installing affiliate items on your page or profile. Lace your content with relevant keywords and watch your rank soar in search engine results, driving customers to your door.
  • 2. How to Pick Your Content Type: It helps to decide what content to put out there. Your content must fit your audience personas tucked inside your niche. Set the form and format for your content to attract more customers.
  • The palette contains messages, blog posts, multimedia, Q&A, hacks, step-by-step manuals, and product reviews. So get in the trenches with your audience and create unique, useful content that drives link clicks and conversions for your affiliate links.
  • 3. Do Your Homework: Pull back, dig in, and learn about affiliate marketing. View competitors ‘content, follow the latest buzz on social media, and learn about product categories, market segments, and more.
  • Jump on the digital tide and see what gets the spotlight & what your audience wants in services and products. Commit to researching and making an informed choice in your affiliate marketing approach.
  • 4. Confidence & Tenacity: Publish bold, grabby content that says you know what you are selling. Get that audience to take the leap of faith, click that affiliate link, and complete the purchase cycle.

Go hands-on, promote what you love, and be resilient with your content dispatch. Stalk the clock for scheduling, make a content plan and timeline, and keep your followers engaged and informed with the latest offers.

Step 4. Driving Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

Driving Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

Let’s delve deeper into how to harness different platforms and techniques for the growth of affiliate marketing.

Social Media: Traffic Powerhouse

Social media is bursting with potential customers. It’s a bustling landscape that, if properly navigated, can create enormous traffic.



Instagram is a playground for visually appealing products. Use polished photos and stories with relevant hashtags to engage your followers. And put your affiliate link in the bio, guiding your followers along. Anyone with visually appealing products or services can leverage them without restriction. The benefits include increased visibility for your items and steady traffic with high engagement.


Facebook is really a place to connect. Bands, celebrities, and businesses build communities around their page, and you can, too. Use your Facebook page to introduce curated content to your followers, spark discussion, and include mentions and affiliate links. It’s suitable for anyone (given its huge user base) and will continue to grow with interaction.

Twitter (X) 

X formerly known as Twitter Known for its bite-sized information, Twitter (X) hosts discussions on the most diverse topics. Write relevant messages for your niche, boost visibility with the right hashtags, and add your affiliate link. Twitter can really help you build online exposure and drive more visitors to your profile.


Pinterest is an excellent platform for showcasing your products. Use quality images and attractive captions. Good traffic can be expected if your pins are frequently updated and catchy to Pinterest’s main demographic – women.


LinkedIn is the hub for everything related to professional networking and B2B affiliate marketing. Post and discuss relevant topics in your network to reinforce your thought leadership in the field.

Utilizing Q & A platforms

Platforms like Quora, Stack Exchange, and Yahoo Answers are rich in potential traffic. Here, people seek knowledge, and you can answer them by sneaking in your affiliate link. The crux is to answer genuinely and provide relevant solutions or suggestions. 

You could help all sorts of people with minimal restrictions. With active participation, you’ll get traffic from curious learners who respect your expertise.

Since you aim to start affiliate marketing with no money In Nigeria, be sure to understand about seo first, produce engaging content, promote on social media, and personally contact prospective customers with email marketing. If you are new to all this, keep reading to understand traffic-building techniques.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Position yourself as an expert in your field by guest Blogging. Write posts for popular blogs in your niche; this gives you exposure to an existing, relevant audience. It gives you credibility and allows you to insert your affiliate link within your text.


SEO Use SEO to rank higher in search results. Find what appeals to your audience, do keyword research, and weave the keywords into your content. Expect organic, steady traffic from well-executed SEO.

Email marketing

Email marketing people check their email every day, so it’s a good place to affiliate market. Create interesting emails that keep subscribers interested and drive clicks to your affiliate link. Personalize and avoid sending generic mass emails. Remember, people like to be valued.

Remember, any marketing expedition needs to know your audience and their needs. Tailor all interactions to meet these needs and watch your traffic soar. You can expect excellent results with these methods if you work hard and patiently. It is a process but the rewards are great!

Driving Traffic from Nairaland for Affiliate Marketing

I will show you the steps you need to take In order to drive traffic from Nairaland when you want to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money in Nigeria.

Nairaland is one of Nigeria’s biggest online communities and can provide you with great web traffic for your affiliate marketing efforts. This platform has over 2 million registered users and covers many topics – a great place to plant your marketing seeds. More on using Nairaland.

 Understanding Nairaland

But before you dive in, understand what Nairaland members find intriguing. The platform hosts discussions ranging from politics and business to career advice and entertainment. Find the right category for your affiliate marketing niche and study discussions that get lots of engagement.

 Become a Contributor

Become a respected member of the community before you promote anything on Nairaland. Contribute insights regularly to discussions. This way, you build trust and recognition without actually selling anything. The platform allows anyone to join, but intrusive sales pitches are generally unwelcome.

 Intelligent Posting

Once you have established a connection within the community, you can sneak your affiliate link into discussions. Posts must be engaging and relevant to the discussion. Mention of your product or service may be a recommendation for a problem or question.

 Beacon of Knowledge

Being a trusted source of knowledge is a great way to drive traffic steadily. Create threads that inform and educate readers on aspects of your product niche. For example, if your affiliate marketing is about fitness equipment, start threads about fitness regimes, diets, home workouts, etc.

 Expectations and Effectiveness

Nairaland gives you an opportunity to reach a large and diverse audience. But be patient – building a solid online presence takes time. Engage consistently and thoughtfully, and watch your conversion rates increase. If your current strategy isn’t working, adjust your approach.

The Benefits 

The benefits of using Nairaland for driving traffic are immense, although the process takes patience. It positions you as a trusted authority in your niche, develops relationships, and drives organic, targeted traffic to your affiliate marketing.

Overall, Nairaland is a good place to mine traffic for affiliate marketing if used correctly. Learn the platform, become a contributor, integrate your affiliate links properly, become a knowledge source, and reap the rewards.


YouTube is more than a free video-sharing website

Spin your way into affiliate marketing in Nigeria without spending a dime with YouTube! This digital titan goes beyond silly feline antics and earworms; It’s an expressway for your marketing efforts. 

Create informative videos that match your niche – a handy place to stuff those affiliate links in. They can hide in the video description or be dropped in a tutorial.

YouTube and transparency

Notice YouTube values transparency – tell us about those affiliate ties. You create value-packed content, and your viewers turn into customers, propelling you on your way to affiliate marketing.

And it isn’t all about the bottom line! So keep it breezy, keep it entertaining. Bond with your viewers and make it a community vibe. YouTube is more than a  free video-sharing website – it’s a place to make relationships! So get ready to dream, bond, and conquer YouTube for your affiliate marketing. After all, hitting play on YouTube is opening up a world of possibilities!

Join the Offcamp Affiliate Program

If you are sitting in Nigeria and contemplating joining affiliate marketing, keep reading! For you, Offcamp’s the place. You know How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money In Nigeria. Now utilize the knowledge for Offcamp!

To begin with, let us define affiliate marketing: who’s affiliate marketing for?

  1. Bloggers: In case you’re a blogger and wish to generate income from your site or blog, affiliate marketing is perfect for you.
  2. Creators of Content: Making content for YouTube, Instagram, or another social media website? So why not earn while you do it?
  3. Influencers: Your voice matters, and your following trusts your recommendations. You earn the trust with affiliate advertising.
  4. Anybody on a digital platform: So essentially, in case you own a site, a blog, or some electronic spot to share links for merchandise, affiliate marketing is perfect for you.

Affiliate marketing could be your ticket to a steady passive income. And offcamp is actually where that ticket gets validated.

Think about it as your roadmap to achieving your affiliate marketing objectives in Nigeria.

And here is exactly exactly why Offcamp stands out:

  1. Sub-Affiliate Earnings: And with OffCamp, the opportunities to earn keep getting better! And if someone signs up under your referral and offers a product, you get paid also. So, cool, huh?
  2. Weekly Payouts: Did you get to wait to hear your earnings? We covered you with weekly payouts. Get instant access to your earned cash – no waiting.
  3. Different Digital Products: Personalize your campaigns from our digital products. Find the products that resonate most with your target market and boost sales!

But why wait? Find tools, community, and opportunities to succeed in affiliate marketing at Offcamp. Sign up now and make some sales!

Next Step—

You’ve already started your journey into affiliate marketing in Nigeria; great! Now, think of making your business bigger and better.

So, should you spend money on your business? When can it be the right time? Start thinking about this when your business is making money, and people are buying things through your links regularly. 

Investing now can attract more customers.

The concept of spending money on your business has many good points. For example, you could make better videos on YouTube with better equipment. With quality videos, you get bigger crowds that come back for more.

When we say invest money, we’re talking about Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and YouTube Ads. These can get your business in front of more eyes.

  1. You can be very specific about who sees your content with Facebook Ads.
  2.  Google Ads makes sure your content appears when people search for things related to what you are selling.
  3. YouTube Ads reach people who watch video content in your field.

Remember – these paid ways of getting attention should complement what you’re doing to grow organically. Track how the ads are working for you and make adjustments where necessary.

So there you have it: investing just a little into your business can bring you more people and much more sales!


To conclude, affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money in Nigeria during this particular financial downturn. It is an industry that does not need big bucks to get going and also ranks high on low-cost company lists.

With the proper strategies (like niche selection and selling the right products), you could become financially independent overnight.

And in case you wish to dip your toes in the affiliate marketing swimming pool, join our Affiliate Beginners Course (ABC). Practical suggestions and insights in affiliate marketing are provided in this course.

Recall that nobody gets time to start, and there is no far better time than now to begin. Take the ABC course to get started on your financial liberty today. Don’t wait – protect your future now.

Get the scoop on the most common questions about starting affiliate marketing with no money in Nigeria.


How to start affiliate marketing with no money in Nigeria?

Start affiliate marketing in Nigeria with zero investment by leveraging free digital platforms, starting a blog or profile, and promoting products or services.

How to start affiliate marketing with no money step-by-step?

Starting affiliate marketing with no money involves Choosing a free platform (e.g., blog, social media), picking an affiliate product, promoting the product, and earning from commission on sales.

Free affiliate programs that pay daily?

Some affiliate programs have daily payouts, but they’re not common. Research thoroughly to find these rare programs. Always ensure they are legitimate before starting.

How to start affiliate marketing for beginners?

The beginner’s path to affiliate marketing involves:
Selecting a platform.
Picking suitable affiliate products.
Creating compelling content.
Professionally integrating affiliate links.

Best affiliate programs for beginners?

The best affiliate programs for beginners offer high commissions, comprehensive support, and easy integration. Offcamp, Amazon Associates and Clickbank are two such programs.

Can I start affiliate marketing for free?

You can begin affiliate marketing for free! It just takes a platform (a blog or social media), a product to promote, and some good advertising.

Can I start affiliate marketing without spending money?

Surely, you are able to begin affiliate marketing without spending money. Use free platforms to showcase affiliate products.

How to start affiliate marketing with no money and no experience?

Beginning affiliate marketing with no money and no experience takes self-learning. Use a no-cost platform for promotion, choose an affiliate program, produce quality content, and begin promoting.