How to List Your Digital Products on the Offcamp Marketplace

Are you a content creator with a high-value digital product to sell? Do you want to reach a wider audience and earn more money from your digital product? Then the Offcamp marketplace is the perfect platform for you. But before you can start selling your product on Offcamp, there are certain conditions that your product must meet. Here, we will guide you through listing your products on the Offcamp marketplace.

Create a Vendor Account

Before requesting to list your product on Offcamp, you must create a Vendor Account. The vendor account is for tracking your sales. Creating a vendor account on Offcamp is 100% Free. Create a vendor account.

Read the Terms and Conditions

The Second step in becoming a vendor on the offcamp marketplace is to read and understand the terms and conditions for operating as a vendor. You can find the terms and conditions on the offcamp website. It’s important to carefully read and understand these terms and conditions to ensure compliance.

Send Details for Product Approval

Once you have read and understood the terms and conditions, the next step is to send details about the product you want to list on the Offcamp marketplace for approval. It’s important to note that the product you wish to list must be your original product. You cannot list products you have resale rights to or don’t initially own. You can list as many products as you wish but ensure that these products are of high Value.

The details that vendors must submit include the following:

  1. The URL of the product’s sales page: Offcamp can only list a product with a sales page. We recommend hiring a good copywriter to create a high-converting sales copy for your product if you need help to do it yourself. note: if you don’t have a sales page, kindly contact us for the next available option)
  2. Product Name & Short Description Of The Product: Please provide us with a brief description of your product
  3. Sales page file: The Thrive Architect zip file for your sales page or Elementor JSON file (necessary)
  4. Access to the product’s delivery system: Offcamp needs to Check the product delivery Page is simple enough for buyers and checks the quality of the product.
  5. Product price: Please provide us with your product price.
  6. The percentage you wish to pay affiliates for each copy sold: All products listed on Offcamp are marketed by our affiliates for a commission on each sale. A commission is a percentage you intend to pay affiliates for the sale of each product. Affiliates are more likely to promote products that offer higher commissions.
  7. Success Page URL: This will be the page where the buyer will see the instructions on how they will have access to your product.
  8. Customer support information: Vendors must provide their customer support information so buyers can reach out in case of any issues with the product. (this includes a phone number and email address)
  9. Marketing material link: Please share the link to your marketing materials. This will allow our affiliates to effectively gather promotional content to promote your product. Our affiliates play a vital role in reaching a wider audience and maximizing the success of your product.

These details must be sent to “vendors[at]” with the “Request for New Product Listing.”

Once your product is approved, the product will automatically be get listed on Offcamp Marketplace, and an Email will be sent to you based on that regard.

We only take 48hrs (working days) to review your product.

What Type of Digital Product can I list on Offcamp:

Selling digital products is a low-risk, low-effort way to delve into entrepreneurship and make money online. Some digital products you can sell on Offcamp include:

  1. Online courses and videos – Course creators can sell online courses, video lessons, eBooks and tutorials, or webinars.
  2. Applications
  3. Templates
  4. Software
  5. Plugins

The Revenue Share formula for Offcamp, Affiliate, and Vendor

These partnerships are typically calculated: Offcamp collects the payments on your behalf, pays the commission to the Affiliate, and delivers the product to the buyer. Offcamp charges 10% of the product cost. 

The Affiliate commission here refers to the percentage you agreed upon listing your product on Offcamp.

For example, If the vendor product is N50,000 and Vendor agree to pay the Affiliate a Revenue Share of 40%.

Offcamp charges 10% of the product cost. (That is N5000). And the Affiliate would be entitled to receive a payment of N20,000 (40% of N50,000). The vendor then gets N25,000.

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